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Green Flash releases a football-themed beer

Nick Hardwick is helping Green Flash Brewing to launch a football-themed beer. Stop by the brewery today to meet the former San Diego Chargers offensive lineman (now sideline reporter / studio host) and drink a pint!

A photo posted by Nick Hardwick (@hardwina) on

Put this in the category of "just passing it along", but I saw the above picture posted on Nick Hardwick's instagram account and thought that it would be a thing that a lot of San Diego Chargers fans would be into.

We've seen this kind of crossover branding from local San Diego breweries before.

AleSmith's .394 Pale Ale is a Tony Gwynn-themed beer for San Diego Padres fans, and a damn good one at that!

Oggi's Pizza made a LaDainian Tomlinson-themed beer that was released just a few months ago, a session IPA that was very citrusy and tasty.

The Chargers even experimented a while back with their own wine, which wasn't terrible!

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time any of the San Diego breweries has made a sports-themed IPA. I love the name, I love the brewery, and I'm sure I'll find time to drink a glass of Green Flash's Hard Count IPA sometime this week. You should too! Support your local breweries!