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Who will the Chargers get to replace Eric Weddle?

Taking a look at the free agent options available to the San Diego Chargers to replace the departed Eric Weddle, and deciding which ones the team should pursue.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This is already a difficult offseason.

The San Diego Chargers will likely need a safety to replace Eric Weddle at FS, they could use someone to upgrade over Jahleel Addae at SS, and most people aren't quite sure the difference between the two positions. Some people would argue that there is no difference between the two!

So, I asked you to let me know which Safeties you thought the Chargers should target this offseason to replace Weddle. You responded with....well, mostly a fight about whether or not Tom Telesco is good at his job, but I got some names!

(By the way, since the time of that post, it has become evident just how valuable the Safety position is. The decisions made at this position this offseason may end up being the key to whether or not Philip Rivers ever makes it to a Super Bowl. Keep that in mind.)

I mostly want to stick to the free agents you guys gave me. The draft prospects will get breakdowns later, if needed. Let's go through the list (which is long, so I'll do it quickly):

Eric Berry

He'll never be anything but a Kansas City Chief his entire career. Don't waste time thinking about it.

George Iloka

Again, this is a SS that would probably be an upgrade of Jahleel Addae but doesn't help fill the void left by Eric Weddle.

Darrell Stuckey

Stuckey has seemingly always been pretty good when the Chargers throw him out there on defense, but that is mostly because they pick their spots on when to have him out there. If Stuckey was talented enough to be a starting Safety, he would've found his way onto the field long before now.

Tashaun Gipson

An interesting candidate. His numbers for 2013 and 2014 are staggering. 12 turnovers and 20 passes defended in 27 games is absurd. Gipson is also only 25 years old.

However, he wasn't all that good for the Cleveland Browns last year and they still might throw the franchise tag on him anyway. If they don't he'll end up getting something close to Eric Weddle-like money, which seems like something the Chargers would want to avoid with Weddle's replacement.

Rodney McLeod

Here where you get some conflicting viewpoints. I love McLeon's game, and would love him to replace Weddle, but he's a bit more one-dimensional (coverage only) than EW and is, like Gipson, young and probably expensive.

If the team signs a McLeod or a Gipson, they're going to need them to be stars right away and for a long time, and that is asking for a lot on a team that's losing its best defensive player.

Brandon Flowers

The old "He sucks at CB, let's make him a FS" candidate. There's one every year.

Flowers would be a terrible Safety unless he was playing next to someone who was absurdly good at man coverage and could handle the TE responsibilities by themselves.

The only thing Flowers can still do well is patrol an area of the field in zone coverage, but Safeties aren't asked to do that nearly as much as they used to be, so this is probably a moot point. Let's just hope Flowers was injured last season and can be healthy in the future.

Walter Thurmond

I love Thurmond. I love his game, I love his demeanor, I love his story. He's more of a SS than he is a FS, but he may be a good fit in this defense because I think he has the skills to do either. The Chargers should definitely make a call.

Louis Delmas

Nope. On a team that already has a handful "he can never stay healthy" guys, the last thing they need is Delmas. He's a fantastic player, but he's had numerous worrisome injuries and missed all of last season with a torn ACL.

If he wants to sign and compete for a spot, cool. If he wants to sign and be named the starter, no.

Isa Abdul-Quddus

Love this kid. He's exactly the Chargers' type of player in that he's completely off-the-radar and doesn't create turnovers or give up big plays. He might be a little pricey, but I think he'd be a great find for San Diego. I trust him at both SS and FS.

Reggie Nelson

This would be insane for a number of reasons. For one, Nelson is older than Weddle. For two, Nelson has loves the Bengals (who saved him from Jacksonville). For three, Nelson's chief desire is probably to win a Super Bowl in the next few years, which means he probably won't be picking a 4-12 team to sign with.

Craig Mager

No. Just no.