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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 1, 2016

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes form around the web.

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Chargers must lose label as lame duck - Nick Canepa (UT$)
If the Chargers are not lame in San Diego, their webbed athletes’ feet at least are caught in a web of indecision. After taking a beating from NFL owners, they’re committed to play here in 2016, but also have reached a deal to possibly join the Rams in Inglewood in 2017 — if they cannot get something done in San Diego, more than likely with the downtown citizen’s initiative (their preference).

What Rams football will and won't bring to L.A. - Roger G. Noll
If the Chargers come to town, the prices the Rams can charge for tickets, luxury boxes and personal seat licenses will have to drop a bit. The Rams probably will then seek compensation from the Chargers in high rent or control of some revenue sources from Chargers games. Add that to the $500 million the Chargers would have to pay the NFL to relocate in Los Angeles, and that deal has very long odds.

Dean Spanos on the Decision to Stay - (video)
Chairman of the Board Dean Spanos talks about the decision to remain in San Diego through 2016.

County supervisor Ron Roberts likes citizens' initiative for new stadium - Eric Williams
"We’ve got some work over the next few weeks to hammer out if not all the major details, certainly all of the major elements of what an agreement would look like," Roberts said. "And that includes the site and everything else

Philip Rivers gives Chargers flexibility at No. 3 in draft - Eric Williams
"It’s going to help, but you just hope you’re the guy still here making those high picks," Telesco said about having Rivers and a No. 3 draft pick at his disposal. "Having an early pick in Round 1, and an early pick in the other rounds is helpful.