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3 Players for the Future: Defense

Who would you build the defense around?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago we posted this article highlighting the 3 players on offense, excluding Philip Rivers, we would keep to build around if we had to get rid of every other player on offense.

Well now it’s time for defense. Who are the 3 players on this defense we would keep to build around, without keeping anyone else?

Jeff Siniard - Joey Bosa, Jatavis Brown, Casey Hayward.

Hayward has better injury history and makes more big plays. Verrett's ceiling is higher, but I keep thinking about that Parcells' line regarding "your number one attribute is your availability."

Derrick Browne - Bosa, Denzel Perryman, Jason Verrett

Ruben - Bosa, Verrett, Jatavis

Ryan Doyle - Joey Bosa, Jason Verrett and Denzel Perryman

British Jamie - On defense, give me Bosa, Verrett and Jatavis Brown. Again, Perryman is the better player, but Jatavis Brown has the skillset to become a complete LB.

Kyle Posey - D: Bosa, Jatavis, Ingram

I really wish Mebane was 25. I really wish Verrett wasn't so fragile. I wish Perryman wasn't so replaceable(see Toomers production.) Verrett is 1 of the 3 best CBs in the game but when you can't stay on the field what value do you have? Because Brown can rush and cover he is going to be a threat for a long time. I'm guessing Bosa will kick inside more often and we'll see his talent maximized. Ingram won't be popular but he's one of the most naturally talented players in the AFC. He just has no idea that he is & isn't technically sound. Under a new staff think him & Bosa become stars

Cody Young - Jason Verrett, Joey Bosa, Jatavis Brown

Verrett has had some bad luck with injuries, but I still believe he will be one of the top Corners in the league for years to come. He's one of the best players on the field every time he suits up. Joey Bosa and Jatavis Brown are both special players that opposing offenses have to game plan around and account for at all times.

American Jamie - Bosa, Jatavis, Reid

Louis Gorini - Bosa, Verrett, and Ingram

To have 2 dynamic pass rushers with one in his prime (Ingram) is the key to success in this league. And Verrett is great when he is healthy. For everyone saying Perryman and Brown, I will the ILB position is a devalued position, look what Chargers have done with Toomer.

Richard - Bosa and Jatavis are obvious. And my third pick is Hayward for basically the same reasons Jeff gave.

A-A-Ron - Joey Bosa has quickly become a cornerstone of this organization. Jatavis Brown is exciting as hell, and Jason Verrett is as good a CB as any when on the field. All three guys have great character, and give back to the community. I've always been one for having high quality people on the roster

Garrett - Bosa, Brown, Hayward.

I'd love to add Verrett & it hurts not to have him on my list but with the way Hayward is playing he's proven to be a legit CB1 & only 27 so it makes my decision a little easier. Then I'd add two guys at both levels of the defense & then you've got a solid 3 to build around. My love for Bosa is on the record, no need to elaborate. Jatavis can cover, rush the passer & hold up in run support. These are your 3.

Stanley - Bosa, Hayward, Brown

It was very hard to have Hayward over Verrett but as has been said above, I would take the ever so slightly less talented player who is healthy and on the field any day of the week. Although with that reasoning maybe I should trade Brown for Korey Toomer. Jatavis Brown may play at an undervalued position but he is one of the best tacklers on the team and has athleticism that is hard to find. Bosa is a monster. Enough said.

So who would you keep? Let us know!