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Open Thread: Ohio State Buckeyes at Clemson Tigers

Discuss the second of the game of the 2016-17 College Football Playoffs here with your fellow Chargers fans.

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2016 College Football Playoff injuries: Washington’s in the worst shape -
The biggest loss was starting defensive tackle Tracy Sprinkle after the first game of the year, but that’s given Dre’Mont Jones months of experience as his replacement. As a redshirt freshman, Jones has blossomed into OSU’s sixth-leading tackler. The Buckeyes also lost a backup linebacker, Justin Hilliard, right before Big Ten play.

Twenty-one of Ohio State’s starters have started all season, with a missed game here or there. The Buckeyes have spent the whole season without safety Cam Burrows, defensive end Darius Slade, defensive tackle Dylan Thompson, backup quarterback Stephen Collier, and offensive lineman Malcolm Pridgeon. None of this has been obviously problematic.