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Five Chiefs Questions with Arrowhead Pride

8Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride answers some of our questions about the Kansas City Chiefs.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

1. What's the general consensus on Tyreek Hill? He's been one of the most electrifying players in the NFL this season, but how do Chiefs fans feel about his off the field past?

I've been honest that I'm not completely sure how to cover this. Of course what he does on the field has been amazing this year. His speed is on another level that I've never seen. Honestly, nothing like it. He's on the verge of the Chiefs rookie touchdown record. All good things there. Off the field, the reaction was huge after he was drafted. The front page of the paper the next day was questioning the pick. Our comments section had a lot of anger and confusion. The Chiefs talk about being this family environment and they make this pick? Then there was the crowd of folks who talk about second chances and at what point you deserve one. I will say this, it's opened that conversation up in the city. I now know that Rose Brooks is a domestic violence shelter for women. I have now heard more viewpoints, especially from women and from victims, that I hadn't heard before. I think it's good that these topics are being talked about more. Like I said, it's confusing. I don't have all the answers. I just try to be honest with how I see it.

2. The Chiefs defense has been rather solid all year, but the playoffs are always a different beast. What area of the defense has you most worried?

The run defense after Derrick Johnson was hurt. That was a big one. I feel really good about the rest of the defense but to get behind in the second half and watch the opposing offense run it down your throat in a playoff loss would be brutal. The Chiefs can band together and do a good enough job to win games but that's the weaker area. That's why we're curious to hear about Melvin Gordon's status as I'm sure you are too. This will be a nice pre-playoff test against a good back.

3. Spencer Ware has been relatively productive this year, but the Chiefs running game has not been particularly efficient. Are Ware and Charcandrick West the future at running back for KC?

You can add Tyreek Hill into that. He took six carries against the Broncos last week - by far a career high - and went for 95 yards and a touchdown. He can make an impact on limited touches. As for West and Ware, they signed identical two-year deals after last season. They're the guys next year as far as I know. The Chiefs could draft someone. The more I think about it, the more I think that's a possibility this year or next.

4. Was that Dontari Poe touchdown pass the greatest moment of the season or in franchise history? Just how fun was that to watch as a Chiefs fan?

It was amazing. Chargers fans, you can respect it. You eliminate the Broncos, run up the score on a team that humiliated you in the Peyton days and Dontari Poe is throwing a touchdown pass. I mean, it was as good as it gets as a fan. You should note that the Chargers were the first team that Poe scored on last year. He has three career touchdowns - one against each AFC West team.

5. Do you think the Chargers in perhaps their final game in San Diego can ruin week 17 for both themselves and the Chiefs by winning?

I am not often all that confident against the Chargers because they usually have the quarterback advantage but the Chiefs have so much at stake in this game. They should pull it out. I feel a little more confident than usual this week but you and I both know this could easily be one of those games where the Chargers are at the 5-yard line with 10 seconds left looking for the win. The Chiefs will win by 30 or 3, no in between.