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Chargers Fans are in a Dysfunctional Relationship

The Chargers and Aaron are in a dysfunctional relationship. Here’s why.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

To the Chargers and their ownership,

I was absolutely slammed during the game this week. I wanted to be able to watch (despite honestly wanting them to lose, which is well-documented why) because I enjoy seeing my favorite team trot out there each week to play a sport that I love. Football is fun, it’s engaging to watch, and win or lose, I get to see incredible athletes put their all on the field, all in the name of a game.

It has all the aspects of good tv. There is drama (see: Philip Rivers’ so-called “tantrums”), there is heartbreak (see: Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead, Melvin Gordon, etc), there is a love affair (see: Spanos and Los Angeles), there is unfaithfulness going on (see Spanos and Los Angeles), action, and someone wins in the end. Football has all the makings of a great spy/action thriller, but I find myself more depressed than amused, more disgusted than impressed, and more sick than rejuvenated.

I feel like I have a dysfunctional relationship with the Chargers. I have tried to watch every game since I’ve been a fan, but quite often, due to military conflicts, or other time conflicts, I am unable to watch. This season, I’ve found myself to not care as much and not check updates every two seconds while unable to watch. I love the Chargers, but I just need some time. I’m hoping that next season will be better and that this long off-season, I’ll be able to shift my focus from a negative few to a more positive, celebratory vibe with what will hopefully be a much improved 2017 season. This is not one of those cases where I would say “it’s me, not you.”

San Diego Chargers, it’s all you. I take no blame in this. I faithfully throw money at your merchandise, I bring my girlfriend into the family that is Charger fans, and I try to soak up as much info about you as possible. All I ask in return, Dean Spanos, is that you stop messing around, and find us a real coach to throw our support behind. If you can’t tell that the strength and conditioning staff is sub-par, you need to make a few phone calls with other owners around the league. News flash... injuries like what has happened to the Chargers don’t happen to other teams very often. For the Chargers, it’s every damn season.

So yeah, I’m fed up with Mike McCoy. He is spineless and is unable to finish games. We should have known that when we saw that he was unable to win playoff games. He can’t finish games, nor can he finish seasons. We need someone new to lead this crop of talented players to the Superbowl.

Can you please quit with lying to everyone including yourself that you don’t know what you want to do in terms of where the Chargers will be located next season? We all know you are obsessed with LA and have been sneaking off late at night to try to set something up with her, the whole time you’ve had a relationship with San Diego. I wrote earlier that I would never leave the Chargers, but there could very well be a time where I will refuse to buy any memorabilia, tickets to games, or even a replacement Chargers decal for when I’ll probably have to buy a new car.

I love the Chargers, but damn, I am worn out. I feel like we’ve just had months of non-stop fighting, and I’m sick and tired of it. I don’t care what I wrote earlier. If this continues, I will go find someone who is better for me. I’ve lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, Irvine, and will most likely be moving to Arizona or Washington DC sometime soon and I could easily switch my allegiances to them. It’s not me, it’s you, and if you don’t clean your act up soon, I will be leaving you. I won’t buy memorabilia, I won’t attend games, and I won’t support you. I will, however, support players, just like I currently do, even if they aren’t bolts.

Hey every team in the NFL not named the Chargers:

Enjoy the increased number of fans while the Chargers dig their own financial graves.

And one last note to Dean Spanos and the Chargers organization.

You can fix this. It would take some work, but I guarantee you could go from being a laughingstock of the NFL, to a legitimate powerhouse in number of fans. I promise you that your lack of a home crowd at every game is not due to the record of the team you employ. I promise you that there are a ton of people who like the players on the Chargers, and want to see them do well.

Who doesn’t want to come out to sunny San Diego to watch games? I guarantee it has to do with San Diego residents being fed up with your manipulative behavior, and have finally washed their hands of you. If you want proof, look at how horribly measure C did. I can’t promise you all your fans will come back, but over time, you can cultivate new relationships. Either way, it’s not something you can ignore, and it will ultimately spell your demise as an NFL franchise if you don’t fix your ways and fix them fast.