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SNF Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

Discuss the Christmas Eve game with your fellow Chargers fans.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Three and Out: Useless Predictions for Bengals-Texans - Battle Red Blog
The only game that really matters right now is the game against Tennessee (I nearly vomited as I wrote those words), so this is more or less an interesting sandbox kind of game where we glean additional data about what kind of team the Texans are with Tom Savage under center. As for the game itself, I think Clowney goes in and rearranges Scut Farkus a lot, I think Green is trying to force himself back so he's not going to be 100% when he plays and the defense is still not good in terms of DVOA but it's not Skyline chili bad like the Jags' defense was.

Texans vs Bengals: Odds, expert picks, analysis, predictions for Week 16 - Cincy Jungle
At 8-6 overall, Houston just needs to beat Cincinnati this week and beat the 8-6 Titans next week to secure another division title, which would be their fourth in the past six seasons. That will be easier said than done for the Texans, especially with the Titans surging. The 5-8-1 Bengals will miss the playoffs for the first time in six seasons after making it five-straight times coming into 2016. In each of the last two times they missed the playoffs (2008, 2010), they still managed to end their seasons on high notes that helped spark playoff berths the following seasons.