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Chargers lose to the Browns: Three Worst Things

That was ugly.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I’m still laughing to myself at how bad that was. The San Diego Chargers flew to Cleveland and managed to give the 0-14 Browns their first win of the season.

So what were the 3 worst things that happened on Christmas Eve in Cleveland?

Special Teams

Special teams have been bad for a few weeks now. They were awful again today. Not only did they have an illegal formation penalty on a field goal block attempt, but they allowed a field goal to get blocked, and Josh Lambo, racing the clock to get the kick off, missed another kick all on his own. It was all bad.

Where is Hunter Henry?

Is Henry still hurt? He was completely invisible today. He was barely on the field, and when he was, it was mostly in heavy sets to try and block. If he isn’t hurt, his lack of inclusion in the offense is inexcusable.


I know this one isn’t really on the Chargers, but the officiating in this game was downright awful. It made an already painful game, even more painful to watch. There were numerous HORRENDOUS calls, and for big yardage penalties as well. It was an absolutely pathetic performance by this crew and the league should be embarrassed.

Well that’s all I can bring myself to write on this today. Everyone, whether you celebrate this holiday or not, go enjoy some time with your family and forget about the Chargers for a few hours.