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Chargers vs. Browns: NFL Week 16 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Saturday's game.

Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Daniel Farias: For the Chargers this game is for nothing but pride. The Cleveland Browns are so bad that a lot has to go wrong for the Chargers to lose. I think the Chargers do enough to pull out a win in the cold weather. Philip Rivers will have his best game since Houston throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. Travis Benjamin gets a little revenge on his old team with a long touchdown reception. I expect San Diego's defense to also keep their streak going with a two turnover game. 27-20 Chargers

Jeff Siniard: Trap Game! The Chargers have absolutely nothing to play for. Cleveland wants to avoid the ignominy of a winless season. The game will be played in the elements, which I don't think will factor as much as others, but should be an advantage for the Browns. Browns HC Hue Jackson has a couple of weapons in Barnidge and Johnson, with plenty of experience how to use them against Chargers DC John Pagano. I think the Chargers should roll, but they'll almost find a way to lose - thereby helping McCoy's case and hurting their draft position. SD 20, CLE 17.

Roger Hinojosa: In the battle of the tanks, I don't see the Chargers losing this one. The Chargers are going to let the winless Browns hang around for a bit, but will eventually seal the deal in Cleveland. Due to the struggling run game, I see Travis Benjamin getting a TD in his old stomping grounds. The defense will have to contain RGIII to an extent, he's no Cam Newton, and they will have to stop the run because Cleveland's best option is to establish a running game. If Cleveland is able to disrupt the Chargers offense like previous opponents have and dominate the ground game, then they stand a chance to pick up their first win. I don't see the Browns doing anything more than hanging around late in the game. Chargers win 27-17.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: There is this thing called weather that I think will play a big factor in this week's game. First of all, its back to the East Coast and an early internal human clock for the Chargers. It’s going to be raining before game time so it's gonna be a bit slippery and wet. The temperature is also gonna be in the mid 30's. All of these factors do not play well for the beautiful-weathered team from San Diego. Last week McCoy piped in loud music into practice and it didn't much matter. Knowing coach, he probably moved practice into the San Diego Ice Arena to gain an advantage. But it won't work. I'm calling a natural disaster for the Lightning Bolts. Cleveland 12 San Diego 9.

Derrick Browne: The Chargers should win this game. Just like they should've won the last three. But, the Chargers never do what they should do. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Browns win this game. The Chargers will make it closer than they need to and lose on a late field goal. It'll be an embarrassing day for Charger fans everywhere, but if losing to one of the worst teams in NFL history helps get McCoy out, I'm all for it. Browns 20 Chargers 17.

Louis Gorini: This will not be an automatic win for San Diego. Traveling to Cleveland in the cold weather without their potential bell-cow running back. But unfortunately, the Chargers cannot even rank right. San Diego wins an ugly game which then drops them out of a top 20 pick in next years draft. Gates scoring a touchdown will be the most excitement in this game. Chargers 24 Browns 14

Ryan Doyle: The Chargers are going to crush the awful Cleveland Browns. Even with all the injuries, coaching uncertainty, and relocation talk it shouldn't be a close game. That's how bad the Browns are. I think Philip Rivers can shred this Browns defense with or without Melvin Gordon. Add on the massive amounts of turnovers this defense has been able to get, the Chargers should cruise to victory. Throw in a pair of Joey Bosa sacks as well. Chargers 35, Browns 17.

Jamie Hoyle: The Chargers travel across the country for a 10 a.m. Saturday start against an apparently inferior team in the Browns. Oh, and the forecast calls for 40-degrees and 70% chance of rain. So, of course, they'll come out throwing against the league's 31st-ranked run defense in terrible conditions and go out of their way to force the ball to Travis Benjamin because...why not force it to a guy who has been garbage all year just because you're playing his old team? I think it's low-scoring, sloppy, and embarrassing. Browns 12 Chargers 10.

Cody Young: This seems like it should be a win for the San Diego Chargers, but I'm going to make a bold prediction and say this is where Cleveland gets its first victory of the season. Why? Because that's just how this season is going for the Chargers. The bolts will lose this game and any doubts anyone has about McCoy being replaced after this season will no longer exist. Chargers 13 - Browns 20

Matthew Stanley: The Chargers need to lose this game to ensure a high draft pick, and ensure that Mike McCoy is not still the head coach in 2017. Which means they will win soundly. Philip Rivers is going to go for over 300 yards and no interceptions. Travis Benjamin will go over 100 yards and a TD in his return to Cleveland, and with RG3 on the field, the Chargers might not be the first team to have a player carted off on Sunday. Chargers win 34 - 10

Jamie Sewell: The first Chargers game that I ever paid attention to was against the Browns in 2012. It ended 7-6 to Cleveland. If only I'd have taken that warning. As much as I'd like the Chargers to lose for the tank (and for McCoy and Spanos to be embarrassed nationally), it's not going to happen. The Browns are 0-14 for a reason - that reason being they're absolutely terrible at football. The Chargers will win this by a couple of scores. Chargers 31-17 Browns.

Richard Wade: The Chargers are clearly the better team here. They are more talented at most positions. Their coaches are not nearly as good, but more often than not in the NFL it comes down to the players. The question I’m faced with is this: is it more Chargers to lose to an 0-14 team or to win a meaningless late season game that kills their draft position? I am leaning toward the latter. Chargers 28 - 15 Browns