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TNF Open Thread: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

Discuss the Saturday night edition of Thursday Night Football (or whatever) with your fellow Chargers fans.

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Dolphins vs. Jets 2016 picks and predictions: Miami favored in the battle of the backups -
The Dolphins will have to hope Jay Ajayi can round back into his early-season form to help take the pressure off his offense’s passing game. The second-year tailback burst onto the scene by gaining more than 500 rushing yards in a three-game span, but has failed to match that success lately. Ajayi hasn’t gained 80 yards or more in Miami’s last five games.

Bringing Moore into the fold has turned what likely would have been a clean sweep for the Dolphins into some unlikely love for the Jets. CBS Sports’ experts overwhelmingly leaned toward Miami, but New York still managed to catch Will Brinson’s eye. ESPN’s picks began to shift back toward Petty, even though the majority of the network’s writers sided with the Dolphins.

Here's hoping none of you lose your Fantasy Football playoff game because you forgot there was a game on Saturday night.