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Jeff Fisher, San Diego Chargers are match made in heaven

The Chargers are looking for a new head coach and there is one name that defines “Chargers” and not in a good way.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

All signs point to the San Diego Chargers having a head coach vacancy prior to the 2017 season.

With only a few games left in the 2016 season, head coach Mike McCoy is on the hot seat. The Chargers sit with a 5-8 record and are all but eliminated from playoff contention.

At the same time, a familiar face has become available. Jeff Fisher was recently fired by the Los Angeles Rams and according to Pro Football Talk, Fisher still wants to coach.

Is it destiny?

Even though essentially every football fan on the planet thinks Fisher is a bad head coach, the San Diego Chargers may not afraid to give him one last shot. They did it with Norv Turner, a coach who had a 58-82 record before coming to San Diego.

Hiring Fisher would be a typical Chargers move. It would further prove that the team’s ownership is still among the NFL’s worst and would ensure that the Chargers will float mediocrity for another five years at the least.

All while Philip Rivers winds down his career. With a borderline hall of fame quarterback trying to sneak a few more strong seasons under his belt, it would be a travesty to see them thrown away by hiring Fisher.

The San Diego Chargers have had their issues with choosing the right head coach in the past, just look at the past two guys they’ve hired. Turner and Mike McCoy left the team in worse shape than when they started. Adding Fisher would make it a trio of awful hires.

In the past, the Chargers are have hired guys that have years of head coaching experience. When McCoy was hired, it was a surprise because of how young he was. Originally, it looked like a great hire. Things were looking good with a new regime in place. Obviously, that hasn’t been the case. Ownership may think it is time to go back to the old way of doing things.

Funny enough, the Chargers took the route they have for years with Joey Bosa’s contract negotiations. Look how that turned out.

It’s all fun and games now, but there are serious reasons as to why the Chargers want to bring in Fisher.

In the past, Fisher has had a handful of successful seasons. He appeared in the Super Bowl as well as a few playoff appearances. Fisher also has a good track record with defenses. With the Chargers defense gaining some life over the second half of the year, this could catch Spanos’ eye.

For the record, this would be a terrible move but let’s be real, this is the Chargers we are talking. The Spanos family have made decisions that have been equally poor.

Fisher had done nothing with the Rams in almost five full seasons and even though he has brought positive changes to defenses in the past, his track record of late is laughable.

With the Rams, Fisher has accumulated a 31-45-1 record and he just managed to tie Dan Reeves for the most losses by a head coach in NFL history. Add on to the fact that his best offensive weapon insulted his own offense. Oh, and the Falcons have scored more touchdowns in Los Angeles than the Rams have.

It would be a typical “Chargers” move to bring in the guy that no one wants. The one positive of this signing could be that it would make it easier for many of us fans to say good riddance as the team rides off to Los Angeles.

Hey, at least a 7-9 season would be an improvement.