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The G-L Review: Is There Anything Left to Say?

It’s all been covered, folks.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

But seriously...what is there left to say?

Philip Rivers looked terrible against the Panthers. I got to see his turnover-fest in person.

I could go on to berate those who say we start fresh at the quarterback position next year, but what’s the point? If you truly think we will get that nice, athletic, and mobile quarterback in the draft, one who will far and away exceed whatever it is that’s left of Phil, go for it. Who am I to say you can’t believe in a pipe dream?

Casey Hayward is really frickin’ good. He may be the best cornerback in the league this year and is most definitely the biggest steal of free agency. But remember, he is on the Chargers. Will he even see the field next year? If the last three years show us anything, I would be utterly surprised to see #22 and #26 lineup together for more than eight games.

Joey Bosa and Melvin Gordon leaving the field? Do we even view this with the littlest shred of shock anymore? By now, I come into every Sunday believing that someone will get hurt. It’s sad, it’s sick, it’s Chargers football. Those two guys don’t deserve an incompetent owner, though. They play their butts out, week in and week out, for what? Well, money, of course—lots of it. But not much else, besides a loser organization and a terrible head coach.

Yes, I’m being egregiously negative about Chargers football. You could even say I’m mailing it in. Why shouldn’t I? The Chargers are too.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Some Final Thoughts On Life, the Universe, and Everything

  • Yeah, this is all I got this week. I’m getting to the point where I’m pretty much done talking about the Chargers. Part of it is the on-field product, part of it is the off-field product, and part of it is just other commitments. Hopefully, something will happen in the next couple of weeks to spruce my love for the team that wears the lightning bolts. Otherwise, call me when Mike McCoy gets fired because with the visor-clad dude at the helm, this team ain’t climbing out of any cellar come 2017.
  • Rogue One was amazing. No way around it. Yeah, I love big blockbusters. I love buying into the hype machine as a large company builds a campaign for a huge project. But Rogue One added a meaningful story into the Star Wars universe and its associated canon. The film provided characters you learned to care about, a meaningful plot, and a mind-blowing climax. The last scene, too, really made the movie, and provided a fantastic bridge into the original trilogy. Love Disney or hate ‘em, they know how to make one hell of a great movie time and time again. I suggest seeing Rogue One sometime soon!

Have a great holiday everyone! I’ll be back writing for BFTB in the New Year!