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Chargers vs. Raiders: NFL Week 15 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Sunday's game.

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ryan Doyle: The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have a great rivalry. Sadly, it may be the last time these teams face representing both of these cities. I don't see the Chargers ending this feud on a high note. The team just doesn't have the talent to match up. The loss of Melvin Gordon is going to be too much for the bolts to overcome. The defense isn't going to have much rest and that doesn't bode well when they are tasked with the high powered Raiders offense.The Chargers and Philip Rivers will fight like they have in recent weeks, but it won't be enough. Raiders 28, Chargers 17

Cody Young: Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for #getdownwiththetank2. But this is Raiders week, and I just love to see San Diego Chargers take down the Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. It pains me every time I have to say it, but at this point in time, the Raiders are a much better team. Plain and simple. It will be fun watching Casey Hayward battle it out with Amari Cooper, and seeing if Joey Bosa can replicate his 2 sack performance from the Chargers-Raiders last meeting. I have a feeling that is about all the fun to be had, though.

The Chargers offense doesn't function without Melvin Gordon, as we saw last week in Carolina. I have very little faith that the bolts can keep up with Oakland’s potent offense if MGlll is forced to watch from the sideline, and it's possible that this game gets out of hand fast. San Diego drops another division game here. Chargers 20 - Raiders 38

Jamie Hoyle: Last week I was concerned about the Chargers ability to block the Carolina IDL, this week I have major concerns about how they'll slow down Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin without the benefit of a strong running game to wear them down. While I expect the Chargers to make some plays against a very suspect Oakland secondary, I think they will spend the majority of the day playing behind the sticks on offense and Rivers will again be running for his life. I'm also not convinced the Bolts can stop Michael Crabtree and Clive Walford. Raiders 30, Chargers 23.

Jeff Siniard: The Chargers get a Raiders team playing for their 1st playoff appearance since 2002. The Chargers are playing for... a coach who's just another guy, health, next contract, a roster spot either in San Diego or elsewhere. I expect the Chargers will be game for a while on the back of Philip Rivers, who refuses to allow this team to roll over and die, and who will have opportunities to exploit Oakland's shaky secondary. But on defense, it's too easy for me to see Derek Carr throwing to whoever isn't covered by Casey Hayward. On offense, SD's below average OTs will eventually allow Khalil Mack to impact the game by forcing incompletions or turnovers. Add in what I expect to be at least a 4/3 crowd favoring the Raiders... Raiders 34, Chargers 24.

Garrett Sisti: Nobody is reading this, it's too late in the season and the Chargers are nowhere near a good football team. I want to take this opportunity to say Pez Candy is underrated, it is both a toy and a treat what else can you ask for? I'd also like to point out that the band Mountain never got it's due because even though they were at Woodstock, their manager didn't want them to be in the movie because of a disagreement over money. Of course, that movie ended up being one of the most historic concert films of all time with no trace of the bands live performance. Thus going unrecognized and being under appreciated as a great rock band of that era. Go listen to "Climbing" and tell me that album doesn't hold up with the other records released in 1970. Oh, yah Chargers lose 28-10.

Aaron Woolley: The Chargers are not going to win this game. The Raiders are good, consistent, and balanced. They also have legit MVP Candidates in Derek Carr AND Khalil Mack. They have something to play for, whereas the Chargers will only improve their playoff chances to exactly less than 1%. In other words, if they win, they're still not going to make the playoffs, and if they lose, they have zero chance. Raiders beat the Chargers down and break their spirits if that didn't already happen in week 1 when Keenan Allen was carted off the field, weeping. Raiders win 38-17.

Louis Gorini: no need to over complicate this and write an in-depth analysis for this game. Chargers depleted with injuries face a more talented Raiders team with something to play for. Raiders 31 Chargers 17

Jamie Sewell: I genuinely fear for Philip Rivers life. The Chargers OL is a shambles. How is the major weak spot of the team the only group that's stayed healthy this season? Kenneth Farrow running against the Raiders front seven? Good luck, kid. Rivers will toss a couple of TDs, but the pressure will tell when he fumbles twice and throws two more bad interceptions. The Chargers defense will be superb once more, but it won't be enough to stop the Raiders getting the win in this one. Chargers 14-24 Raiders.

Richard Wade: The Raiders are the superior team and it is not terribly close. That said, this is a divisional game and these have a way of getting weird. I still think the Raiders pull it out, but I think this one will be close. Chargers 23 - Raiders 24