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REPORT: NFL Owners Approve Chargers and Rams Lease Agreement in Los Angeles

Well this doesn’t look good for keeping the team in San Diego.

The NFL Owners winter meetings kicked off today and as expected the major topic of discussion is the stadium situations for both the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. Reports are already starting to be made on what is happening in those discussions. These two tweets in particular look like the Chargers could start packing any day now.

This sure looks to me like the Chargers are out of here. I’m sure we will get more detail in the next few days on what the specific terms are, but between the NFL basically paving the road to the Chargers moving with these decisions, and the too little too late offer from the City day before yesterday, all signs are pointing heavily to LA.

I guess you can say “until the words come out of Dean Spanos’ mouth it’s not over” but without a more “generous” (in the eyes of the Chargers and the NFL) offer from the City, or some miracle involving a couple hundred million dollars appearing out of thin air for a stadium, the Chargers’ days in San Diego are numbered.