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3 Best Things from Chargers-Panthers

Just because these were the three best things, doesn’t mean they are that impressive.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, contrary to popular belief, there were a few positives from this ugly game against the Carolina Panthers.

The Chargers were decimated by the Panthers and lost two of their best players in the process. Melvin Gordon and Joey Bosa both missed the majority of the game due to respective hip and neck injuries. To add insult to injury, Philip Rivers looked awful and the defense was just unable to catch their breath on the sideline.

So, what were the positives?

Well, the Chargers season is over. The playoffs hopes are all but gone and it is time to start thinking getting younger players some reps. There was Joey Bosa sacking Cam Newton while possibly being unconscious. Let’s not forget about Kenneth Farrow either. The undrafted free-agent out of Houston University had himself a solid day.


It is time to look forward to the 2017 NFL Draft.

The San Diego Chargers season is now over after that laughable performance against the Carolina Panthers. If the Chargers are able to lose out, they will solidify another top-ten pick in the upcoming draft.

As the Chargers shoot for another appearance in the top-ten of the draft, it’ll be interesting to see if the team plays some of the younger talents. Hunter Henry and other top picks could get their chances to develop and get some much-needed reps.

Other players like Kenneth Farrow, Trevor Williams, and Chirs Landrum could also benefit from some extra playing time.

Regardless of the personnel decisions, it is officially time to get #DownWithTheTank

The biggest positive for playing the last few games of the season with no repercussions is that us fans don’t have to stress. There is no reason to get mad at the team for blowing another fourth quarter lead or getting crushed by a mediocre opponent. So, at least there is that.

Joey Bosa’s Heart of a Champion

This guy is special. Even when all hope seemed lost, Joey Bosa was still playing hard and getting after the quarterback.

In the second quarter, Bosa sacked Cam Newton and suffered a concussion in the process. Even when his bell was rung, he managed to pull one of the strongest quarterbacks in the NFL to the ground.

Prior to the sack, Bosa was in Newton’s face a few times and continued to show why he was drafted third overall.

Bosa has shown this effort all season long. Whether the Chargers were up big or trailing like they were today, Bosa has consistently shown that he plays as hard as he can on every play.

Kenneth Farrow

After Melvin Gordon was carted off, Kenneth Farrow was the only running back active. First of all, he was able to stay on the field which is an accomplishment when wearing a Chargers uniform.

All jokes aside, Farrow looked solid in all facets of the game. He proved his worth as a pass-catcher out of the backfield. By the final whistle, Farrow had 6 catches for 23 yards.

On the ground, Farrow didn’t have much room to work with, but he put his head down and churned out yardage throughout the day. Farrow ran for 55 tough yards on 16 carries.

Depending on how serious the injury to Gordon is, Farrow could get an extended look and could make a case to be the team’s backup next season.

Although he hasn’t seen much playing time this season, Farrow has done his job all year. At the start of the season, he was most likely going to spend the year on the practice squad. Now, with injuries to Branden Oliver, Danny Woodhead, and Melvin Gordon, Farrow has moved all the way up to the top of the depth chart.