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It sounds like the Chargers are leaving...

ESPN’s Jim Trotter says he would be shocked if the Chargers were not in Los Angeles next year.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! I have some bad news. Jim Trotter, who works for ESPN, is very well connected with the San Diego Chargers and he just tweeted out this:

I talked about these tweets on my podcast today:

Basically, my response is that I’m not surprised and I’ve been hearing some of the same rumors from probably some of the same people.

The thought process is that the Chargers, just as was rumored before Election Day, were going to leave San Diego if the vote came in at less than 50%. Seeing as how that is exactly what happened, they’re ready to move on.

My thought process, at the moment, is to let them leave. The NFL is probably bad for the future of our great city unless the local team is owned by someone who has so much money that they’re willing to pick up the bill for everything.

Also, as I laid out in yesterday’s podcast (below), the Chargers leaving could create a much better situation for San Diego sports fans:

To be fair, Jim Trotter’s tweets are not the end of the road, but they’re a pretty poor sign of what the next 30-45 days could hold for San Diego Chargers fans.