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STADIUM VOTE: Measure C loses big

We knew it wasn’t going to get 67%, but this was bad

NFL: San Diego Chargers Stadium Initiative Rally Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well the votes have been counted and (some of) San Diego has spoken. Measure C was defeated.

The Chargers were basically hoping to get greater than 50% but only managed to get 43% of the votes in the yes column. Dean Spanos has already sent out messags saying that the decision with what to do next will not be announced/made until the end of the season.

While this still doesn’t make it a sure thing that the Chargers move up to LA, it sure isn’t good. At greater than 50% there is a good place to start a conversation moving forward. At 43% well now there isn’t as much of an incentive to push for more discussion.

We will have more analysis over the next few days, but this obviously doesn’t bode too well. It isn’t surprising that this measure failed, but it still sucks to see so many doors closing for the Chargers in San Diego.