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Chargers vs. Titans: 3 Worst Things

The Chargers just beat the Titans. Aaron tries to find the three worst things from the game.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers once again found a way to not lose with a big lead. The Chargers were only losing in this game for a grand total of just over 6 minutes. While it was a good game by the Chargers, and the Chargers did not commit a turnover, while forcing three by the Titans, all while dominating time of possession 36:29 to 23:31. Despite this, I can still find a few bad things that happened this game.

Chargers Penalties

Dumb penalties, including 2 offsides in consecutive plays by Joey Bosa, accumulated to a total of 107 yards on 14 penalties. This is a season high for the Chargers, and while it has not proven to be a recurring problem, it is still an issue that needs to be resolved. On a side note, I was disappointed with Mike McCoy when Melvin Ingram was charged with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for headbutting. When Melvin Ingram came off the field, Mike McCoy wasn’t fired up at all, and talked to him in a calm voice. Matthew Stanley’s caption for that was “Hey man, it’d be great if maybe next time you express your anger more verbally. Thanks pal.”

Melvin Gordon’s 200 yard aspirations

In what I believe was his biggest day in the pros, Melvin Gordon rushed for 196 yards and a TD. He was rarely stuffed, and had two huge runs. He was also active in the passing game, catching 4 balls for 65 yards. In other words, he was tied for 2nd for receiving yards on the day with Tyrell Williams. So, he ended his day with just over 260 all purpose yards and a TD. Can you say monster game? Despite this, I’m sure he was begging Mike McCoy to let him run it one more time to get those 4 yards.

Melvin Gordon’s great game was also a terrible thing for Melvin Gordon haters.

Orlando Franklin

He hasn’t played incredibly well this season, and was pretty much a train wreck last season, and when he left the game with what appears to be a concussion, Spencer Pulley came in and performed admirably. To me, this shows that Franklin is dispensable, and might not be back next season, due to his huge contract. This means that the Chargers will have almost certainly 5 new starting offensive linemen in the next 3 years, as Slauson is in his 30s, Franklin and Barksdale are playing poorly, Fluker might not be worth it Tom Telesco to re-sign, and King Dunlap is in his 30s as well.