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Chargers vs. Titans: Week 9 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Sunday’s game.

San Diego Chargers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Roger Hinojosa: The Chargers are looking at a must win if they're thinking about playoffs... PLAYOFFS?! The Chargers are hurting for healthy players and the current injuries to their key players will have an impact on this game. While the Titans defense isn't a powerhouse they're no push over and with a banged up offense, the Chargers may struggle. The Chargers' defense will also have to roll with the punches and try to put the best healthy players on the field. The defense has to hit the exotic smash mouth right in the mouth to slow down the Titans. I expect the Chargers' remaining key players to really step it up on Sunday. Chargers 30-20

Aaron Woolley: Chargers win this one, but it'll be close, and the Chargers will almost blow it again. I think Murray will run all over the Chargers, and Melvin Gordon will struggle mightily. Chargers win 24-23.

Ryan Doyle: I think that the undermanned Chargers are still going to pull this one out. They Titans should find a ton of success running the ball as the Chargers front seven will have a tough take on their hands. Philip Rivers and company should be able to put up some points on the board. Rivers throws for a pair of TDs and Melvin Gordon actually gets the ball inside the five-yard line and is able to add to his already impressive TD total. Chargers 30 Titans 20

Cody Young: Make no mistake, this will not be an easy game for the Chargers. I believe Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram will be the keys to victory. Marcus Mariota is too good to be given time and will pick a defense apart if you don't get in his face. Now the Titans have a darn good offensive line, highlighted by their two tackles, but I have confidence Bosa and Ingram will get the job done.

On offense, I want to see the Chargers attack a less than stellar Titans secondary. Hopefully, Tyrell Williams is able to suit up because I don't think Tennessee has anyone that can stop him one on one.

It will be a tough battle, but one the home team should be able to come away with.

Final score: 28-24 San Diego

Jeff Siniard: The ideal plan for this game is for the Chargers to build an early lead and force the Titans out of their running game. I'd feel decently about their prospects for success if the LB corps was healthier. Thus, I expect Pagano to be very aggressive on defense to stop the run. He also has to keep Titans' QB Marcus Mariota in the pocket and force him to win vertically down the field. On offense, as long as the Chargers aren't forced to throw from behind, there shouldn't be much difficulty scoring points. As always, the Special Teams are a potential disaster in waiting. I think the Chargers find a way to win, but it won't be easy or comfortable. Chargers 27, Titans 20.

Derrick Browne: Although the Chargers are decimated by injuries, I see them taking care of business at home. Philip Rivers should definitely be able to take advantage of this suspect Titans pass defense. Joey Bosa and the defense will somehow contain Demarco Murray and generate enough pressure to rattle Marcus Mariota. Chargers win 34-20.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: The Chargers are banged up a little more this week and yet the total bias in me still says they pull off a victory over a solid and rising Tennessee Titans team. I'm to the point that I have had enough of expecting the Chargers to lose. The only way I'm gonna expect the Chargers to lose is if #17 is not playing. He's playing. Chargers always have a chance. San Diego 31 Tennessee 27.

Matthew Stanley: The chargers are the walking wounded right now. The bye week is 1 week too late this year. I think there are finally too many injuries for the team to overcome. Titans 24 Chargers 17. It's time to get down with the tank...again

Louis Gorini: Normally this game would be a cakewalk for the Chargers. But San Diego has been decimated with injuries. Between the bad safety play, and a bunch of replacement players at the inside linebacker position; the Titans should have success running up the middle and working the seams of the field. This game is too tough to call. I flipped a coin and it landed on tails. The Chargers win, the city of San Diego rejoices and votes to keep the team in San Diego. Chargers 21 Titans 17

Jamie Sewell: San Diego's injuries make this hard to predict. I'm relatively confident that Philip Rivers will have a big day, though (even without Hunter Henry), and that will be the decider in this one. Marcus Mariota plays well in patches but turns the ball over too often to the opportunistic Chargers defense. DeMarco Murray gashes the Chargers on the ground for 130 yards, but that won't be enough to get the victory in this one. Chargers win it 31-21.

Daniel Farias: This is a scary one for the Chargers. Injuries are hurting right now, add that to the Titans coming off a mini bye winning 3 of their last 4 spells disaster for the Chargers. But I think the Chargers will find a way to pull off the win. I think the defensive line will rise to the occasion against a really good Titan Oline. I expect Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa to live in the backfield and dictate this game. A couple Marcus Mariota turnovers turn into points by Philip Rivers. It will be a close one, 27-23 Bolts.

Jamie Hoyle: The Titans are not pushovers and I have a hard time looking at this game and seeing an easy Chargers win. I don't think Wis will put Rivers at risk against Orakpo and Morgan, choosing instead to trust his offensive line to move the line of scrimmage for Melvin Gordon. Gordon runs for 130+ and two scores and catches another 50 yards worth of passes as the offense capitalizes on a pair of Tennessee turnovers. It's a slugfest, but we see the Bolts take another step toward redefining their team identity with a hard-fought, physical 24-20 win.

Richard Wade: The Chargers are the more talented team and at playing at home in a must-win game, but they’re also hampered by injuries so this game will be closer than the talent says it should be. Chargers 24 - 23 Titans.