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REPORT: Jeremiah Attaochu out for year with broken foot

After the bye week, the Chargers start a new streak of injured players with the talented yet quiet OLB.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

So this happened (by way of Gehlken):

The Union-Tribune writer went on to highlight the terrible trend of injuries the Bolts have, once again, had to deal with this year:

Attaochu had mainly been a disappointment for most of the season. After being jumped by Kyle Emanuel on the depth chart, the former second-round pick missed three weeks due to a high-ankle sprain. He was not making much noise when playing, either, which is concerning when you look at Telesco’s full 2014 Draft Class:

  1. Jason Verrett—incredibly talented, can’t seem to stay on the field.
  2. Jeremiah Attaochu—extremely athletic, but for some mysterious reason, has remained in the coaches’ doghouse since the offseason. Can’t seem to stay on the field either.
  3. Chris Watt—train-wreck of a pick, who, like the previous two, could never seem to stay on the field.
  4. Traded away to pick Attaochu—because fourth-rounders have no value, right TT?
  5. Ryan Carrethers—currently on the practice squad, never quite put it together to become the quality NT we thought he could be.
  6. Marion Grice—long story short, do you remember who Grice was? There you go.
  7. Tevin Reese—like Grice, cut before the 2014 season even began. Both are not even in the league anymore.

I’ve been happy—I don’t love the guy, but I think he gets more flack than he deserves—with Tom Telesco’s moves for the most part, but this draft is shaping up to be a disaster. We all know that Verrett is a top corner when on the field, but if Attaochu doesn’t flip the switch next year and become a force opposite a (hopefully) re-signed Melvin Ingram, the anti-Telesco crowd is gonna have a lot of ammo to back their arguments up.

It’s not like you get to pick at the top of the draft every year...