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Chargers at Texans: 3 Best Things

The Chargers managed to get the win following the bye, what were the best things?

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It almost happened again. The Chargers almost gave it away late, again, but were able to hold on and come away with the victory.

So what were the 3 best things that happened in today’s victory?

Defense creating turnovers

This is why San Diego was able to hold on and come away with the victory. The defense had 3 interceptions and a forced fumble, which they also recovered. Philip Rivers had an interception as well, but when you win the turnover battle 4:1, you’ve put yourself in position to win. The defense is missing some big names, but they are young and swarming and making plays. They are fun to watch.

Joey Bosa is back

Bosa’s hot start cooled a little the last couple of weeks, but after being able to rest up during the bye week the Bosa Hype Train had the red log activate today. Bosa had 7 tackles including 2 TFL and a .5 sack. The stat sheet doesn’t do him justice though. The was basically having his way with almost everyone who tried to block him. 1 of those 7 tackles was a full on effort play to chase down Brock Osweiler from behind to stop what would have been a 1st down. With Brandon Mebane going down I was worried Bosa might not rebound as quickly as this, but he was dominant today.

Rivers rebounded and turned Dontrelle Inman into WR1

Rivers had just an awful game against Miami before the bye. He had 4 interceptions and gave the game away. Today he was pretty much on fire. He finished the game with 73.33% completion percentage and 3 touchdowns. He wasn’t perfect though. A lot of his passes were late and high, especially to Tyrell Williams over the middle, and he threw a bad pass that was tipped for an Interception. But he was good enough to make Inman look like a WR1. Inman finished up with 6 receptions for 119 yards and a touchdown. He looked great while the $30 million receiver Travis Benjamin and TE Antonio Gates combined for 1 catch and 6 yards of offense.