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Chargers vs. Texans: Week 12 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Sunday’s game.

Houston Texans v San Diego Chargers

Cody Young: I think the Chargers can win this game. I think they should win this game. But I have a feeling they won't win this game. The focus on defense has to be on containing Lamar Miller and the run game. They have to make Brock Osweiler win the game. The Texans have a nasty offensive line that is great at opening up holes and I just don't see the Chargers being disruptive enough up front. The offense should keep San Diego in the game but I don't think they come away with a win on the road. 27-20 Texans.

Jamie Sewell: It's a tough one to call, but I think the Texans are a lot weaker than their record indicates. Brock Osweiler is one of the worst starting QBs in the league, even when he doesn't have lasers shined directly into his eyes (seriously...). Problem is, Brandon Mebane's absence means that the Texans could have a field day on the ground - the Chargers don't really have a suitable backup NT on the roster. On the flipside, however, the Chargers offense could be in line for a big day, having had the bye week to get healthy. Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin and Hunter Henry will all look far fresher thanks to the added week of rest, and the Texans won't be able to contain the Chargers passing game. Chargers win this 31-27.

Louis Gorini: chargers are coming off a bye and appear to be getting healthier as they will have Benjamin and Perryman back. The Texans offense is in disarray and frankly I don't think they will be able to keep up with San Diego's offense. Even though Houston plays better at home I still think the Chargers defeat them. San Diego 27 Houston 20

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: another week, and I wanna say the Chargers will win. But the Texans have strong corners and a good rush. Their O-Line is clicking. And without Mebane, the Chargers D-Line will have no answer for Lamar Miller. Philip Rivers will keep it tight, as always, but in the end the Bolts fall, 28-24. With a loss, at 4-7, most Chargers fans will decide that they are officially #DownWithTheTank.

Daniel Farias: Mike McCoy is 1-2 coming off the bye. This is a game the Chargers should win but will lose. I think the loss of Brandon Mebane will significantly hurt this defense. No one to keep the inside linebackers clean and now Joey Bosa will see far more double teams. I expect Lamar Miller to run wild against this Chargers defense. I think Philip Rivers will respond from his worst game but his defense will let him down. 28-24 Houston

Ryan Doyle: I'm having a hard time figuring out a way the Bolts can pull this one out. Even as the Texans come off a brutal Monday night loss to the Raiders. Philip Rivers is going to have no time in the pocket on Sunday and with the performance he had last week, this isn't the team I want Rivers to be playing. I'm also nervous about Melvin Gordon and the running game because of how good the Texans front seven still is without Watt. The defense is going to struggle against the run without Mebane and I feel that even though Brock Osweiler isn't very good, the Texans are still able to pull out an ugly game. Texans 20, Chargers 10.

Jamie Hoyle: nearly every sign points to the Chargers winning this game on a short week for the Texans, then you realize the Chargers offensive line cannot block the Texans front seven. Like, as in, no chance at all. The Chargers will struggle to get the running game going, Rivers will have to throw 40+ times, and the line will once again allow him to take a horrible beating. I think this game is a dogfight, but the Texans force a couple key turnovers, run the ball right over Damian Square, and pull out a close one late. I don't envy Philip Rivers this week. Houston 26, San Diego 20.

Richard Wade: The Chargers have reached that point in the season where they are all but eliminated from the playoffs and winning games will only hurt future draft position. And now they travel to Houston to take on a first place Texans team that they are more talented than. Chargers 24 - 21 Texans

Ruben J. Gonzalez: So I came home from work Monday and I flipped on MNF and to my surprise, I saw the overhyped Houston Texans giving the (do I have to say this?) second best team in the AFC, Oakland Raiders a dog fight. How could this be? I was expecting Oakland to be blowing Houston out by that point but that. But no. Maybe Houston is better than many believe. Which brings me to the Chargers. Are the Chargers prepared to face a team that is gonna try it's darndest to hold on to their AFC South lead? I think the Chargers are gonna have their hands full. Which means they will win. 30-26.

Aaron Woolley: While this will be a tough game due to the Texans always having a good defense despite their loss of JJ Watt, the Chargers will score too many points for the lackluster Texans offense to get off the ground. Brock Osweiler has been a huge, costly mistake for the Texans, and while they say "it doesn't matter as long as we're winning games," that's a bunch of bull. He's not a good quarterback, and you need a good one to keep winning in this league. Melvin Gordon has 100 and a TD, Rivers throws for 250, two TDs and a pick. Chargers win 27-9

Jeff Siniard: The Chargers couldn't ask for a better opponent coming off a bye week than the Houston Texans. In my view, the Texans winning record is fraudulent - they're a lesser version of the Broncos. They're missing their best defender for the season with the great J.J. Watt injured. They're coming off a short week due to Monday night's physical game against the Raiders, a game played at high altitude. To top everything off, Brock Osweiler has not been good this season for HOU. As for the Chargers, losing Brandon Mebane for the season is a killer for the run defense, but getting many other players rested and healthier is a bonus. All that said, HOU has been pretty decent at finding ways to win games they shouldn't, while the Chargers under Mike McCoy are renowned for doing exactly the opposite. Let's also not discuss the fact that the Chargers under McCoy have played 3 lackluster games coming off bye weeks with a 1-2 record. All the elements are in place for a Chargers road win, or yet another gut-punch close loss. I'm going with the latter because I think Lamar Miller has a big game without Mebane in the middle, and Jadeveon Clowney will give the Chargers' OL fits. HOU 29, SD 27.

Roger Hinojosa: Finally, the Chargers face another team who doesn't play 60 minutes of football. The Texans have faced problems when it comes to the fourth quarter and they have blown leads, most recently against the Raiders (outscored 14-3 in the 4th). Also, the Texans have a few injuries, JJ Watt being the most notable of their injured players. The Chargers are coming off the bye and while their roster is depleted, the bye definitely did not hurt (no one had a slip-and-fall accident at home this week). With the Texans somewhat short week and the Chargers coming off the bye, I see the Chargers taking advantage of this. Chargers win (barely) 24-23