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3 players for the future: Offense

Which 3 players could you not live without for the next 5 years

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Since most of us agree the playoffs are pretty much out of the realm of possibility for this season, lets look to the future.

Kyle noticed a fun tweet from Joe Caporoso that raises an interesting question.

So with that in mind we asked ourselves, who are the 3 players on offense we would keep if everyone else had to go. We excluded Philip Rivers from being one of the 3 choices, so before you freak out that none of us picked him, that was on purpose.

Jeff - Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Tyrell Williams.

Derrick Browne - Melvin Gordon III, Henry, Allen

Ruben - Tyrell, Hunter, Gordon

British Jamie - KA, Hunter Henry and Tyrell Williams.

“Gordon is the better player, but I'm taking a risk on how good Tyrell *could* become.”

Kyle - H Henry, T Williams, M Slauson

“As much as Gordon has developed I just think that his skill set can be replaced. It's not a knock, he's been quite impressive at times this year. Keenan has the hardest skill set to replace on the offense but it would be ignorant for me to think his injury history will get better as time goes on. With another year under his belt it's hard to imagine Tyrell not progressing. Henry can be a top TE and Slauson's versatility and toughness can't be matched.”

Cody - Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Melvin Gordon

“Keenan has had some bad luck with injuries, but I still believe he will be one of the top receivers in the league for years to come. Henry is already a weapon in both the passing game and the running game, and Gordon continues to improve.”

American Jamie - Tyrell, Gordon, Henry

“I don't trust Keenan to stay healthy and think Tyrell has a high ceiling as someone to can own the middle of the field and stretch it deep. Gordon is self explanatory, he's the catalyst for the offense. Henry is pretty easy to understand, too - such a great blocker and an evolving weapon as a receiver.”

Louis Gorini - Henry, Allen, and Gordon

“This was easy, it's not like the Chargers have any young offensive lineman that you could throw in the mix. So when you look at the skills position, not only are these 3 young, but they are the best on that side of the ball to.”

Richard - Tyrell, Henry, and Allen.

“The first two seem like no-brainers and Allen is talented enough that is roll the dice on his health.”

A-A-Ron - Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Melvin Gordon.

“I wasn't sure if I wanted to put down Melvin Gordon, because I, like the rest of the NFL, believe that solid running backs are plentiful in the NFL... That being said, he's well liked in the locker room, and has proved he can carry the load which not many backs can do, and would never be asked to do in today's NFL. The fact that the Chargers were okay with having only one guy behind him (an Undrafted rookie free agent nonetheless) shows me that they have all the confidence in the world in MGIII. Keenan and Hunter are no brainers. Both elevate the play of their quarterback.”

Garrett - Keenan/Williams/Henry.

“Gordon has been great this year but don't think RB is as important of a position to build around. The whole OL is bad outside of Slauson but he's 30 & clearly isn't making the guys around him better (but I don't blame him for that). Henry is a dual threat at TE & Tyrell looks like a high end WR when healthy. Keenan Allen is actually on this list by default really. Allen has an injury history but when healthy he's one of the best in the league. I'll take my chances with Keenan then take an old QB, TE or any of the guys on that O-Line.”

Stanley - Hunter, Tyrell, KA13

“Any team in the league would be better than they are today if any of these players came to their team. I try to be an optimist so I have to believe that Keenan’s injury luck will improve and he can put together a full season, and if he does, he’s top 5 or better. Tyrell is still improving and has big potential. Hunter is like the queen on a chess board. He helps in every aspect of the offense and is too valuable to move forward without.”

So who would you guys pick? Let us know in the comments who you guys can’t live without.