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BFTB Poll Results: Will the Chargers make the playoffs?

Miami Dolphins v San Diego Chargers Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Last Saturday, prior to the Miami Dolphins loss, we asked you if you thought the San Diego Chargers would be able to make the playoffs. 1107 of you voted and 60% said you thought the Chargers would find their way into the postseason. I cannot help wondering how many people were ready to change their vote after the Dolphins game.

Now, I thought the Chargers would defeat the Dolphins, but I also thought they were already too far out of the playoff chase to make a legitimate run. Now that they have gone into the bye week at 4-6, there is next to no chance they could get in. They have not been mathematically eliminated, but it is getting close, and they are at least realistically eliminated.

Of those 60% who thought the Chargers would make the playoffs last Saturday, how many of you still feel that way today after such a bad week?