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Evil Coach McCoy Caption Contest Results

Good work everyone, some of you are pretty funny.

Well that was fun. Thanks for all the funny comments. I see the picture has made it’s way to Reddit and some people have been using it in tweets of their own as well.

There were 2 captions that the staff found especially funny and well, pretty much perfect. So without further delay:

Winner - BFTB Comment Section Division

Thank you youinsanebolts for this gem. So simple, yet so damn effective. We all agreed this is very likely a conversation that has actually happened inside McCoy’s head. Well done. Enjoy your lifetime of sadness.

Winner - Twitter Division

Thank you @errockortega for this. We shouldn’t have laughed as hard as we did but this submission was straight fire. I’m pretty sure John Gennaro has probably already printed this out, framed it, and has it sitting on his desk in his office like a proud father. I hope you also enjoy your lifetime of sadness, along with a possible call from the Chargers (good luck).

Thanks everyone for participating, hopefully it made your bye week a little more entertaining.