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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Can San Diego keep the Chargers?

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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What the NFL is Saying about Joey Bosa -
“I think a lot of it starts with the energy and attitude he plays with. He plays every snap – no matter the down-and-distance, time of the game – he plays every snap and treats it as a meaningful snap. There are no plays off for him. He has got a motor that keeps on going. I feel like whether it’s him or really that group together, it seems like they feed of each other” – Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase

AFC Notes: Pryor, RG3, Chiefs, Chargers - Connor Byrne
The Chargers worked out linebackers Kevin Snyder, Ryan Langford and Reshard Cliett on Wednesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Caplan (Twitter link). Nobody from that group has suited up for a regular-season game in the NFL.

Latest On Futures Of Chargers, Raiders - Connor Byrne
Chargers owner Dean Spanos said last week that he’s tabling relocation thoughts until the end of the season, which wouldn’t leave him much time to negotiate a deal with the Rams’ Stan Kroenke. His organization would gladly team with Spanos’ franchise, though, with Rams chief operating officer Kevin Damoff saying, “We’d welcome [the Chargers] with open arms”

Book reports with Ken Norton Jr. motivated Chargers' Korey Toomer - Eric Williams
Toomer said the first book provided by Norton that put him on the right path was "The Pep Talk" by Kevin Elko. "He put the book in my hand after I had a knee injury," Toomer said. "And he made me do a report on it. He had me talk about Nelson Mandela one year and so on and so forth. Books came along after that.

Chargers' O-line needs work, but it's not NFL's worst - Eric Williams
"I told him [Rivers] when I came in that I want to be in charge of setting it -- at least give me something to do here," Slauson said. "Because I had heard in the past that wasn't always the case. So I said, 'Hey Phil, coming in here let me try and take something off your plate.'

Roger Goodell says 'ideal scenario' would be to keep Raiders and Chargers in place - Alden Gonzalez
"If we get our issues resolved in San Diego, and our issues resolved in Oakland, I think that's the ideal solution, frankly," Goodell said. "I think that's what we would all like to see happen. But there's a lot that has to get done in those two communities to get there."