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Caption Contest: Evil Coach Kermit McCoy

Time for a little bye week fun

Well it’s the bye week, finally. So lets have a little fun to pass the time while the players are off and healing up.

The Evil Kermit meme has exploded all over social media this week, so I got bored and slapped together a Mike McCoy edition. The staff had some fun throwing together some funny captions and we thought you guys should all get in on the fun as well.

So give us your best captions down in the comments! (if you haven’t seen the evil kermit memes to see how they work, google it)

The winner gets a lifetime of sadness (and possibly a “livestrong” style Johnnie Troutman bracelet).

We will figure out judging later, it could be based on Recs or maybe the staff will take a vote of which we like best. Who knows. But have some fun with it and try not to cry with how real and sad it gets in a very short amount of time.

Aaaand GO!!!