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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Bolts have league's worst offensive line

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Ranking all 32 NFL offensive lines entering Week 11 - Sam Monson
It seems hard to believe there is a line worse than the Vikings or Seahawks this season, but at least in this metric, the San Diego Chargers take that award. The Chargers have allowed 147 total pressures over the season, worse than every team outside of Indianapolis, and with a QB getting rid of the ball significantly faster on average (2.45 seconds per attempt vs 2.75, the difference between 18th place in the league and 33rd). The run game may look better, but Melvin Gordon has gained 518 of his 838 rushing yards (61.2 percent) after contact, breaking 28 tackles to make it happen, so that flatters the blocking.

Chargers would pick No. 8 in 2017 draft if season ended today - Eric Williams
Zierlein lists offensive tackle, receiver and quarterback as the top three needs for San Diego. Zierlein: "The Chargers have serviceable tackles, but they've been going with 'serviceable' for too long. It's time to commit. With another injury to Keenan Allen, San Diego could look to add another option at the position. Philip Rivers is locked in but the team is badly in need of an upgrade behind him on the depth chart."

The best NFL defensive backs in every category - Matt Bowen
Verrett has the best "plant and drive" I've seen on film. I'm talking about that ability to close, immediately and with no wasted movement. No one can transition from the pedal to the break faster than Verrett. I first noticed it when watching his college tape at TCU. The closing speed jumped off the film then, and it still does. And although Verrett is on the shelf for the rest of the season with a knee injury, he has to be mentioned here. I would love to watch him do the "W" drill. Man, he lights up the turf with his quickness.

Bolts offense is slick but needs to get a grip - Tom Krasovic (UT$)
When the offense found a groove, which was often, the Bolts looked like a team that could go places. But, as we’ll see below, some recurring problems ailed this unit.

Why McCoy survives — or, perhaps, not - Tom Krasovic (UT$)
"You have to look at the whole picture. Mike is a coach who, in his three years here, he’s had more winning seasons than not," Spanos told the team’s web site. "He’s taken us to the playoffs, he’s won in the playoffs. And, so, those are very hard things to do."