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Vote your favorite Chargers into the Pro Bowl!

The Chargers may not be heading to the SuperBowl (there's still a chance, right?), but you can help give some of them a game in January.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time, this year's Pro Bowl gives fans two ways to vote for their team's players to make the cut. If you want to go down the standard road, the Pro Bowl ballot with every player can be found here. However, there's a second way to vote this year, as the Chargers website gives you an option to vote using the power of social media.

In my opinion, the Chargers have a couple of players that are deserving of a Pro Bowl nod this year. I'd be surprised if Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon didn't make it, and there may be an argument to be made for Joey Bosa, albeit on a very small sample size.

Tyrell Williams is another option - well, he is now. It took the WR a long time to be added to the shortlist, for whatever reason, but the second year WR actually deserves serious consideration. Playing for a small market team will likely work against him, but the numbers don't lie.

I'd expect nearly every Chargers fan who votes to include Rivers and Gordon on their ballot. Objectivity as a fan is no fun, however, so feel free to include players like Jatavis Brown, Joey Bosa, and Tyrell Williams, as well as shoe-ins such as Dwight Lowery and Joe Barksdale.