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The three worst things from Chargers-Dolphins

What a disappointing loss. Sadly, Philip Rivers headlines the three worst things from Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers postseason hopes are all but gone after the loss to the Miami Dolphins. This wasn’t an impressive performance to say the least, but what were the worst takeaways from this game?

Dwight Lowery and the Safeties

There aren’t many nice things to say about the Chargers safety position. The team’s “best” safety has missed most of the season with a shoulder injury and the “big” offseason acqusition Dwight Lowery has been terrible.

Ryan Tannehill made some throws that he hasn’t made in his entire career. He was able to throw for 240 yards and two touchdowns.

Early in the game, Kenny Stills caught a big 39-yard touchdown pass because Lowery was out of position and tried to backpedal his way to try and break up the pass. That didn’t happen. Lowery’s play of late has been terrible. He has allowed big play, after big play and is often late with help over the top.

This team misses Eric Weddle. The safety position may be the worst unit on the team.

The Offense When They Are One Yard Away From Scoring

What goes on in the heads of the entire team when they are a yard away from paydirt?

On the team’s first attempt at the one-yard line, the Chargers somehow were able to score. On the first two plays the offensive line just got decimated and Melvin Gordon had no chance to score. If it wasn’t for a tremendous throw from Philip Rivers on third down, the Chargers may have had to settle for a field goal. Rivers had to roll out and find Hunter Henry in the corner of the endzone.

On their second attempt, the Chargers had five attempts to score inside the 10. Now, they were gifted a holding penalty on Tyrell Williams that set them up at the one. Some would consider that, “Melvin Gordon Territory”.

Now, the Chargers decided to attempt a screen pass to Antonio Gates. That ended in an ugly incompletion. The next play was even worse. Rivers threw a terrible pass to Williams that resulted in an interception. The Chargers and their coaching staff seem scared when they are that close to scoring. This has been a reoccuring problem under Mike McCoy.

Philip Rivers

What in the hell was that? Philip Rivers was awful today. Yes, his offensive line or receivers aren’t great. There is no reason to throw the passes that he did today.

By the game’s end, Rivers threw four interceptions. All three of which were terribly bad interceptions. Two of the picks were thrown when the team was deep into opponent territory. The first came on a fade route to Williams that was just awful. Rivers threw the ball right into double coverage and the other three interceptions were just as bad.

The second was on an overthrow that landed right in the hands of Byron Maxwell. The worst was yet to come. Rivers threw a pick-six right to Kiko Alonso. This interception put the nail in the coffin. The Chargers were then left with just over a minute to go down the field and score. Those hopes were immediately dashed with another Rivers interception. This game goes on Rivers’ shoulders.