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Chargers Poll Question: Will the Chargers make the playoffs?

It's Saturday and we haven't had a weekly poll question in too long.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Back in May, we asked you which team would finish in last place in the AFC West. A strong plurality of you said the San Diego Chargers would be that 4th place team. Now, nine weeks into the season, it looks like the only AFC West team that will not make the playoffs this year will be whoever finishes in last place

As the standings currently sit, the Chargers are on their way to their second consecutive last place season. There are, however, reasons for optimism even if the best case scenario for this weekend is to be at 5-5 and still one game back of third place. Philip Rivers remains by far the best quarterback in the division. Melvin Gordon has become an exciting playmaker. Tyrell Williams has been the breakout player many of us hoped he would be. The defense even with injuries to seemingly everyone has taken steps forward mostly thanks to the emergence of rookie defensive end Joey Bosa.

The Broncos' defense is not as good as they were a year ago. They still have no quarterback. The Raiders' defense is bad in spite of all the money they spent. The Kansas City Chiefs are still led by Alex Smith and Andy Reid.

But will that all be enough? Do you think the Chargers will make the playoffs?