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Chargers vs. Dolphins: Week 10 Staff Predictions

The BFTB Staff gives its predictions for Sunday’s game.

Miami Dolphins v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Daniel Farias: Another game that should be a win for the Chargers but it is by no measure a guarantee. The key to this game will be can the Chargers Oline be effective against a stout front seven led by Ndamukong Suh. I have a real fear that Suh will live in the backfield all game against DJ Fluker. I see this game coming down to which QB plays better and I will take Philip Rivers over Ryan Tannehill any day. Rivers lights up the scoreboard, Melvin Gordon comes back to earth but still has a solid game. 31-21 Chargers

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: My logic: no way the Dolphins win 4 in a row. Every year, as a casual fan of the team, I find myself getting suckered into the Dolphins preseason hype. This year, out of all years, I said no to the hype. And whaddya know, they've won 3 in a row. Either way, I think the Bolts D-line shuts Ajayi down, and the Chargers win comfortably, 33-21

Cody Young: I believe the Chargers can win this game. The key will be stopping the red-hot Jay Ajayi. I don't have much faith in Ryan Tannehill and forcing him to win the game by taking away the running game seems like the quickest route to victory.

On offense, I'm expecting another big game for the legend that is Melvin Gordon. I don't really like predicting stats but I'm going to say he gets around 120 yards and finds the end zone twice. Chargers win 34-24

Louis Gorini: The Chargers are facing the Dolphins, who awfully remind me a lot of the Tennessee team they just faced. Miami is a physical team whose offensive line has been rolling on all cylinders to create some gaping holes for their second year running back, Jay Ajayi. The Dolphins will have success on the ground against San Diego and Jarvis Landry is the type of wideout that will give the Chargers fits. I believe the Dolphins pass rush will be enough to disrupt the aerial attack of Rivers. And will San Diego even have "home field" advantage after the crushing defeat of the stadium proposal. Logic says Chargers should beat the Dolphins, but I think they come up short right before the bye week. San Diego 24 Miami 27

Roger Hinojosa: In last week's matchup against the Tennessee Titans, the Chargers faced the "exotic smash mouth", which featured Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry. The Chargers' defense met the smash mouth offense head on, created multiple turnovers, and found the end zone, twice (should be noted Henry left early with an injury). This week's matchup against the Dolphins, while distinguishable from the Titans, is somewhat similar. If the Chargers' defense can shut down the run and make Ryan Tannehill throw, then they'll have solid chances at creating turnovers/scoring opportunities.

The Titans' defense, as I mentioned last week, while not dominant, was no pushover. I have the same feelings about this Dolphins' defense. Philip Rivers and the offense has a great chance at mowing over this defense, by ground and air, and start off with an early lead. The Chargers have been able to start quickly, but they will have to hold onto that lead. Torch the defense, build an early lead, make the Dolphins one dimensional. If the Chargers can do this, then they should pull off the win. Chargers win 34-24.

Richard Wade: Stylistically, the Dolphins match up well with the Chargers and certainly have a good chance of winning if San Diego lets them dictate how the game is played. That said, the Chargers are at home and are the more talented football team. Chargers 28 - 17 Dolphins

Matthew Stanley: I don't know what to do with this team anymore. They are still beat up. McCoy is still the coach. But I want them to win now. The Dolphins have a good team but I feel like the Chargers are going to find a way to dig deep and pull it out...again. Chargers 27 Dolphins 20

John Gennaro: I think this is the week where the levee breaks and the team runs out of enough healthy talent to compete. Either that or I wish the bye week could’ve come a week earlier. I’m concerned that the Dolphins are going to push the Chargers offensive and defensive lines around and win 24-20. I hope I’m wrong!

Jeff Siniard: The Dolphins haven't won in San Diego since 2005 when Nick Saban drove the final nail in the Chargers' playoff chances that season. This game feels a lot like the Titans game honestly. Don't let Ajayi get going, keep Tannehill in the pocket, and force him to win vertically. On offense, MIA's front seven poses a serious challenge to the Chargers' beat up O-Line. Keeping Rivers in short down and distance situations is crucial this week. I'm also uneasy with McCoy and Pagano going against Adam Gase, who knows them very well from his time as Denver's OC. I think the Chargers squeak by on a late FG. Chargers 29, Dolphins 27.

Ryan Doyle: The Phins are going to run all over the Chargers. The depth is going to be an issue on defense. Ryan Tannehill, on the other hand, may have trouble throwing the football and I think Casey Hayward is going to grab another interception this week. The Chargers should also be able to put up some points as well. Melvin Gordon is coming off a career game and I think that continues. The offense needs to play better than they have of late to win this game, though. It's also may come down to history. For some reason, the Dolphins always beat the Bolts. Give me the Phins 27-17.