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Measure "Meh"

Tuesday's Measure "C" results have yielded different emotions. Some relief, some frustration and everything in between.

NFL: San Diego Chargers Stadium Initiative Rally Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few days have passed and I still don’t know how I feel about the failure of Measure "C". If you would have asked me on Monday, I thought for sure that I would either be ecstatic that "C" got +50% (thus a 2nd chance depending on a CA Supreme Court ruling later) or super disappointed that it crashed and burned in flames.

But, with 43% of the voters voting yes, it put my stadium-o-meter to... meh.

Meh would also describe the response that was issued by San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos. His response was the team would not be discussing anything stadium until after the season is over. It actually kind if makes me laugh as ownership seems to be putting on some sort of shocked, pie-on-my-face facade, but whatever.

Almost everyone in the know, including our very own Jeff Siniard, prognosticated a less then 50% outcome. Surely, the Chargers brass expected the same, yet they seem like they didn't have a contingency plan already on stand-by or are simply not ready to share it with us fans.

Its almost as if Dean is telling me to put my cares on hold for now; we'll pick this conversation up later. (Way to go Deano. That rah rah letter has me feeling real confident.)

Some of y'all may remember through some of my articles that I am not a resident of San Diego. In fact, I'm not even a resident of San Diego county. I live about 6 hours away in Visalia and had no hand in deciding the fate of "C". But, I wish I could have. I would have been perfectly okay helping to pay for the stadium by staying at one of the hotels nearby when I come for a game.

But, I won’t get that chance. At least not now. Or even in the future for that matter. I could blame it on misinformed voters who still think they were going to get taxed. I could blame voters who have such a hatred for Dean Spanos that they simply did not want to vote on anything that would help him get richer. I can blame those Chargers fans who didn't even vote as the reason Measure "C" didn't have better results. I'm sure there is a combination of reasons it didn't get enough votes. Regardless, this seems like a stop-gap, like somebody pressed pause or we are at intermission.

Instead of an getting a final answer on Tuesday, I am left to wonder whats next?

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports