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Chargers-Raiders: The 3 Best Things

Nothing good can come from another disaster like this. But, here is an attempt at looking at the positives.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

What have Chargers fans done to deserve this treatment? Oh, another great thing that happened during this game is that we all just got one step closer to seeing Mike McCoy lose his job.

Joey Bosa

Finally, after a seemingly endless holdout and a hamstring injury, Joey Bosa made his NFL debut. Bosa had a successful first game as he recorded his first NFL sack with a big hit on Derek Carr right at the tail end of the first half.

The Chargers clearly are easing him in and even in limited snaps, Bosa shined. It may seem crazy to say this, but Bosa looked like one of the best players on the field for the Chargers. Whether it was rushing the passer or setting the edge to stop a run, Bosa never gave up on the play. He clearly has that high-motor everyone claimed he had at Ohio State. He ended the day with a pair of sacks and four tackles.

Tyrell Williams and Hunter Henry

Two young receivers that needed to step up and help out Philip Rivers did just that today. Tyrell Williams snagged a bunch of deep passes that set up the Chargers in scoring position. It’s safe to say Williams had his best game as a pro. Williams caught five passes for 117 yards and added a TD.

Williams had one mistake in the game where he didn’t run up the field after making a catch on third down. Rivers got in his face and Williams responded with a strong second half.

Along with Williams, Hunter Henry also snagged a touchdown along with a big catch and run. Other than the bad fumble at the end of the Indianapolis game, Henry has been great. He has been a solid blocker and receiver, so far it seems the selection has been worth it.

Melvin Gordon...for the most part

Of course, that fumble was disappointing. However, Melvin Gordon looked very good today. He should the explosiveness and power that were missing during his rookie year. Gordon

Gordon also upped his touchdown total to seven with an 18-yard catch and run. Again, that fumble was upsetting, but the play that sticks out is the hit he put on Oakland linebacker Corey James. Gordon just de-cleated him on his way to a first down. If Gordon can hold onto the ball, he will be considered one of the league’s best backs in no time.