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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Joey Bosa will finally debut for the Chargers

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Spanos gives Faulconer event revenue concession, still may screw Padres - Change the Padres
One of those assurances was that the City of San Diego would get to keep 100% of the non-football event revenues. This would include events like the NCAA Final Four, Wrestlemania, and whatever other events they may procure. These events are a key arguing point for how the new stadium may infuse economic activity into downtown San Diego.

Chargers expect disruptive force in Joey Bosa's debut - Eric Williams
"We’d like him to hit the quarterback 10 times, get a sack-fumble, scoop it up and score," joked Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano. "No, we drafted him for a reason, to go compete and help us get better on defense, and that’s the most important thing.

How to bet San Diego-Oakland - NFL Vegas Experts (insider)
The Chargers are this close from being 4-0. They easily beat the Jaguars in Week 3 and very nearly beat the Chiefs, Colts and Saints in their other three games. So, they can certainly play with Oakland, especially with its No. 32-ranked defense. The Raiders are 3-1 but that includes 1-point wins against the Saints and Ravens, so this should also come down to the wire and I like getting the field goal plus the hook.

Chargers focused on wooing undecided voters in stadium campaign - Eric Williams
"There’s obviously two groups," said Fred Maas, the Chargers stadium adviser. "We’ve got a pretty solid group of supporters, which is very heartening any time you go into a campaign to have a base like that. And we’ve got a group of persuadable folks. And we’ve got a lot of folks that are opposed to us, because they don’t really understand what the measure says, and what it’s accomplishing.

Landing Bosa: The Untold Story - Ricky Henne
I was watching some film on him and I remember walking down the hall to (Director of Player Personnel) JoJo (Wooden) and saying, ‘Can you imagine if we can get a guy like this?’ He made a comment to me that unless we were picking first overall, he didn’t think that was going to happen.  And I remember thinking he was probably right."