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Joey Bosa better be a Mother F*#%*@! Beast

You heard the man.

NFL: San Diego Chargers Practice Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Bosa better be a Mother F*#%*@! Beast when he takes the field Sunday.

No, I mean it.

He needs to be a freaky force of nature, the type that’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The kind of player that is must-see every play that he's on the field, and every play he's not on the field, you're going crazy asking why the hell isn't he.

He's got to be the type of player future rookies will be compared to.

I’m hoping that on Sunday when he gets into that patented 4-point stance for the first time and he kicks his right leg up and down like a sprinter getting into the blocks, and the ball is snapped, and he explodes into the right tackle and shrugs him off with one hand like a suit on a clothes rack and all that’s left in front of him is Raiders QB Derek Carr—that Joey Bosa proclaims himself to the world with the first sack of his career.

And then on the next play, he stops whatever RB is playing dead in his tracks for a 5-yard loss. And he gets up and does that shrug-thingy he does. You know, the kind of shrug that indicates 'is that all' or 'is it that easy?'

I'm almost to the point that on Saturday night, I might get on my knees and pray to my Lord that he has indeed made Joey Bosa into Mother F*#%*@! Beast

I'm serious.

And me wanting him to be this otherworldly being has nothing to do with the $25.8 million dollars in weight and gold his contract affords him.

Joes Bosa needs to be a Mother F*#%*@! Beast because the San Diego Chargers need him to be. He is at least this season, one last ray of hope for a team that has already lost 5 of their best 22 players for the season. He won't make us forget about the loss of Keenan, Jason, Woody, Manti or Bo, but him taking the league by storm could help weather this messy hurricane currently thrust onto the team.

There have been too many subtractions on this team. The Chargers need this addition.

The Chargers you see, are currently sitting on a head scratching 1-3 record--a record that could easily be 4-0 had San Diego had Joey Bosa playing on the defensive line and not playing spectator as he dealt with a twitchy hamstring. Perhaps he could have disrupted Alex Smith’s 363-yard passing day in week 1 or help put some pressure on last week’s Andrew Luck 4th quarter comeback win. And who knows how many times he could have hurried Drew Brees.

The Chargers desperately need a shot of adrenaline on this team. And Joey Bosa could provide that. Him coming at the quarter mark is like a mid-season trade, except the Chargers didn't have to give up anything.

With Bosa sidelined and not even suiting up for full participation padded-practices even once this season, his teammates don't even know what Bosa can bring. Could you imagine if Bosa does indeed take down Carr on his very first play? Could you imagine what dance newly minted co-captain Melvin Ingram will do because he is so overcome with joy knowing that his new running mate is as good as advertised? Ingram might even write a new rap song about him.

Bosa is the type of player, that if he can produce just like he did in college, (code word for dominate) he can instantly turn the Chargers season around. Maybe.

This needs to happen. He cannot be a flop.

By now some of you loyal readers are starting to question 'Is this the same writer who said he was off the Joey Bosa Train?'

I sure am.

But I'm also the writer who openly pined for #blowitupforbosa train last year and who also wrote that if he ever did sign his contract, I would wholeheartedly welcome him back just as the organization and his teammates would.

So, I'm like most of y’all, we all bleed some sort of Navy, Powder Blue, or Gold. We are all clamoring for something to be excited bout. We all want someone on our favorite team that other fans wish they had on their teams.

We want our own Reggie White, our own J.J Watt. And dammit we need something extraordinary to happen in San Diego.

We need Joey Bosa to be a Mother F*#%*@! Beast this Sunday. And nothing less.