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San Diego Chargers Approval Rating 2016: Mike McCoy

The Chargers have completed a quarter of the season at 1-3. Vote on Mike McCoy's performance thus far.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It is election season! After another absolutely pathetic debate from the vice-presidential candidates, which consisted of two grown men yelling at each other while the moderator tried to keep any semblance of order. It was bad. Because of this, it's time to get our very own approval ratings for our beloved team front office.

Mike McCoy has been the coach of the San Diego Chargers since January 13, 2013. His record in San Diego is 23-29, and has not been getting better. In his first two years as Chargers head coach, he led the Chargers to two consecutive 9-7 seasons. Considering the two years before him (under Norval Eugene Turner) were 8-8, and 7-9, respectively, Mike McCoy seemed to be off to a solid start.

On the other hand, the last two seasons have been horrific. Partial blame can be assigned to the rash of injuries the Chargers have suffered, but when you consider that the Chargers have not yet been down at halftime, and have blown 21, and 13 point leads (despite the injuries), you can blame Mike McCoy and his coordinators.

Back in 2014, Richard Wade wrote a very similar post, which saw Mike McCoy receiving mostly 8s (Top 10 NFL Head Coach), and an average of a 7 (above average). It'll be interesting to see what it has become now.