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REPORT: Jason Verrett May Have Knee Injury

You just can’t make this stuff up.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

How’s this for your morning Schefty bomb? Brace yourselves, though, because it’s not exactly what you’d call good news (but you already knew that if you read the title):

(Ed. Note: This would certainly explain why he struggled covering T.Y. Hilton. That’s a tall order without any torn ligaments in your knee.)

We might soon be categorizing Verrett with Keenan soon: extremely talented but just can’t seem to stay on the field. The Chargers special!

With Brandon Flowers hurt and Craig Mager not living up to Telesco’s expectations, the secondary goes from extremely talented to incredibly thin if what Verrett fears is true. Not to mention that Verrett was on the path to establishing himself as a true shutdown corner in a league lacking ‘em.

Even with Casey Hayward playing well, here’s hoping Feeva does not have too serious of an injury, because not only do we need our most talented player on the field, we need everybody we can get.