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Lightning Round Podcast: I’m sorry Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates, You Don’t Deserve This

Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle are back with another episode of the Lightning Round Podcast.

Lightning Round Podcast

Let’s be honest, it’s time to hold this franchise accountable from the top all the way to the bottom and let’s not be coy either, it’s time to come down on this organization’s failures. Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates are future Hall of Famers and they don’t deserve this type of season, they deserve better management. So Garrett and Jamie become unhinged and lay into everybody for the way they've been running this Chargers organization and how this season is nothing new from those in charge. After the guys unload, they take questions about future coaches, future drafts picks and what to look forward to this season and much much more on this special edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.


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