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REPORT: Travis Benjamin seeing 2nd opinion on Knee injury

When will the injuries end for San Diego

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again. Travis Benjamin was injured a couple weeks ago but it appeared outwardly that he was trending towards the positive.

Apparently not.

Benjamin sprained his PCL and it isn’t improving? Greeeat. That’s just what this team needed.

There have been rumors in recent days, as we approach the trade deadline tomorrow, that the Chargers have been scouting WRs throughout the league for a possible trade. Maybe this had something to do with it.

The problem is, the Chargers have VERY little cap space to do anything to fix this situation right now if Benjamin can’t go anymore. According to the Chargers have JUST $1.6 million in available cap space right now...that’s right...only $1.6 million.

This could be a very dire situation if the team loses Benjamin for any extended period of time. Yes the schedule gets easier going forward, but even Philip Rivers will have an impossible time trying to elevate the play of ALL his targets at WR.