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How Would YOU Turn The Chargers Around?

We at BFTB want to hear from you. How would you stop the hemorrhaging that has become this team’s mantra?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

All right guys and gals... This Chargers team is pathetic. They have no spine, they obviously have no one leading them, and nothing seems to be changing. How would you go about fixing all the Chargers’ problems?

We have the problem. That problem is injuries. I read a quote a few weeks back (can’t remember from who), that said something along the lines of, “If there are a bunch of injuries in a year, that’s an injury bug. If it happens year in and year out (look at the last 3 years), that is a pattern.” Who do we as fans hold accountable for this? Can you blame Tom Telesco for the team relying on their #4 WR at season beginning to be the main target? No receiver who is fourth on the depth chart in the NFL is ready to be a #1. Plain and simple. Do we blame Tom Telesco for the Chargers using 6 different Centers 2 years ago? For using something like 26 line combinations last year? No, we can't. We can, however, blame him for letting Eric Weddle walk (even though he would not have fixed this dumpster fire of a team). He’s done an okay job as General Manager.

Do we blame the strength and conditioning staff? Am I the only one asking about this? I’m not a doctor, and I will never claim to be knowledgeable in the field, but there have to be exercises you can work to prevent hamstring pops, 3 torn ACL’s in a row, etc. It’s a pattern, people. This is no longer an injury “bug.” It is B.S. I don’t believe you can blame the team doctors because they are there to fix the problems, not necessarily prevent them.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Do we blame Mike McCoy for this team’s lack of strength when it matters? We can pin some blame, considering he called a timeout on 4th and 2 with 2 seconds left on the game clock, FOR THE OTHER TEAM! Yes, he isn’t an incredibly passionate guy and runs incredibly lukewarm all the time, but he’s not out on the field. He can’t prevent Travis Benjamin from fumbling the ball without even being touched. I didn’t watch the game in real time, but seriously? Was he trying to make the Chargers lose? I don’t get it.

At what point do we remove the blame from the Head Coach because of the rash of injuries over the last few seasons? How can you be expected to lead a team to victory week in and week out when your #4 from the beginning of the season is now being counted on as your WR1? How can you be counted to get a run game going when half of your line is out with injury? How can you expect any run game with 26 different combinations on the offensive line? Since he’s not actually out there playing the game, how do we blame him for everything? Even if he is fired, what is the realistic chance this team actually wins more to end the season? This roster is a trash heap, with a few diamonds that are so stained by crap, someone might confuse them for garbage as well.


Who do we blame? Can we blame Philip Rivers for not motivating his team? Can we blame the loss of defensive captain, Manti Te’o for the losses? Can we blame some sort of conspiracy theory in which someone of power really doesn't want the Chargers to win? How do we look at the Chargers, who have found a way to lose 2 games, while having over a 99% win probability at some point in those games, as anything but chokers?

If you don’t know what throwing a game looks like, take a look at that Travis Benjamin fumble. Obviously, he wasn’t throwing the game, but how do you fumble the ball without being touched? Despite having a lot of words to write, I’m at a loss for words. Who do we blame? Who should we fire?