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Chargers vs. Falcons: Three Worst Things

Even after a win, there are always things that can be improved on. Here they are.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately for me, I was on military duty this past Sunday and was unable to watch the game, and was only able to stream the final seconds of the game while driving back home. I was not driving, so I want no comments on road safety... Or do comment... I can’t stop you.

Anyways, I have just made my way through the entirety of the game due to the wonders of NFL Game Pass (free trial) on condensed mode. Honestly, quickest I’ve ever made my way through a game, despite the fact that I was watching during rehearsal today...

Here are your 3 WORST things from the Chargers game yesterday.

Griff Whalen

I’m tempted to add Mike McCoy’s name as a side note, because why wasn't Dexter McCluster returning kicks? He sits at 1st on the depth chart for KR, and isn’t on the injury report... so what gives? Griff Whalen (obviously) didn’t change the outcome of the game, but damn... he had 2 special teams blunders in the 1st quarter... I don’t want to say it’s because he’s a vegan, but some meat might have made him think clearly. I can’t wait for all the hateful comments from vegans, but I’ll be too preoccupied with eating a spicy deluxe chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A to care.

People Who Want Mike McCoy Fired

I don't know if you realized this or not, but Mike McCoy won’t be fired any time soon. Yes, I know I have written a few articles calling for his termination as Head Coach of the Chargers, but as long as the team is winning, I don’t care if Mickey Mouse is calling plays. Mike McCoy most likely won himself a 3 or 4 game cushion over the last few weeks, and if the Chargers end the season with a winning record or a playoff appearance, you can bet your sweet tooshes that he’ll be back again next season.

Ballot Measure C

Measure C is not going to pass. I’m almost jumping on a conspiracy bandwagon that says that the Chargers brass purposely blew leads in those games just to make the fans in San Diego angry (and those who casually watch, even angrier), so Measure C wouldn’t pass and the Chargers could move to LA without looking like the bad guy. They can say “Well, we tried.” In polls, the “No’s” have it, currently with about 52% of the vote. In case you were wondering, the Chargers need a two-thirds majority to get Measure C to pass. It’s doubtful at this point in time.

To look on the bright side, the Chargers have finally strung together two in a row, and are looking like one of the better teams in the league, finally being able to put games away, and win against tough teams. The real test will be if the Chargers can knock the Broncos down once again this Sunday. If they do, not only do they hit .500, but the rest of the NFL will take notice.