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Chargers - Falcons Final Score: Falcons 30 Chargers 33 for the win in OT

Chargers find a way to win in OT playing a complete game.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This was a different story this week. The Chargers, who have started every game quickly this year and gone into halftime with the lead were actually trailing 27-17 at the half this week.

The team came out flat and had 2 first half turnovers on offense, an interception as a pass bounced off Dexter McCluster’s hands out of the backfield for an easy pick, and a fumble from Philip Rivers on a sack.

Special teams also looked as bad as it has all season in the first half. Griff Whalen took a ball out of the endzone when he shouldn’t have and ran up on a short kickoff late and pinned the Chargers deep in their own territory.

The defense meanwhile showed some pretty bad tackling, this is my shocked face, and had no answer for Julio Jones. Although, nobody really has an answer for Julio Jones so I can’t grade them too harshly there.

The second half was also a different story than we are used too. The Chargers came out in the 2nd half and actually tightened some things up. Joey Bosa broke free and put together 2 sacks in key positions. Melvin Gordon came up big in the passing game and had multiple catches for good chunks of yardage, including a receiving TD, his 3rd of the game.

Denzel Perryman came up huge with an interception with 3 minutes left. He was playing banged up all game and came up huge. But then the offense stumbled and had a 4th and 2 immediately following the turnover. After 2 runs with no luck the Chargers abandoned the run and went to Gates who had a 4 yard cushion on 4th and 2.

The Chargers then drove down the field but fizzled in the red zone and a Josh Lambo FG gave the Falcons the ball back with 18 seconds and 3 time outs. The Chargers defense bent but gave the Falcons a chance to win the game with a 58 yard FG with 1 second left. Mike McCoy called the TO and Iced the kicker, Matt Bryant, and it clanged off the uprights no good. Overtime.

Falcons won the toss and elected to receive. The defense came up huge and forced a 4th and 1 from their own 46 yard line. They were forced to call a TO and decided to go for it, which lead to McCoy calling a TO to discuss things, and Denzel Perryman comes up huge AGAIN!

San Diego took over on the Falcons 45. Antonio Gates found a little redemption and made a clutch catch to set up 3rd and short. Melvin Gordon did the rest and picked up the 1st and some extra yardage. McCoy leaving nothing to chance sent out Josh Lambo on 2nd down for a 42 yard attempt and the Chargers win in overtime!

The Chargers have finally put together a complete game. Wow.

Chargers win!!!! 33-30 over Falcons! POST GAME SHOW TIME!!

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