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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: Can Casey Hayward slow down Julio Jones?

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Five Keys: Chargers at Falcons - Ricky Henne
"Yeah (they lead the league), and we’re right on their heels, too.  They may feel the same way.  It’s a heck of an offense. (For us,) I think as an offense you can’t let that effect your approach, but I think it can be an added understanding.  Make sure we’re all aware how key (it is) every time we get down into the red zone, where we’ve been (converting at around 50%) scoring touchdowns, that’s probably not going to be enough. At the same time, obviously we have confidence in our defense to go out and play great."

An Update on Keenan Allen - Ricky Henne
"I’m doing well," he said.  "Just rehabbing hard.  Everything is feeling good and I’ve got no pain.  I’m attacking it. I wake up and rehab for about three hours."

Readers overwhelmingly respond: Yes, end zone celebrations should be penalized - Dan Steinberg
But I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. I was, apparently, wrong about this one. My e-mails since Monday have been overwhelmingly opposed to on-field celebrations, with many readers supporting the NFL’s policy, and criticizing players for their me-first attitudes. As a rebuttal, I figured I should include some in this space.

Road contest against Falcons a homecoming for Casey Hayward - Eric Williams
"It’s just being me," Hayward said. "I’ve been a successful player and played at a high level since I’ve been in the league. And I’m going to continue to play at a high level. It’s just me studying and staying healthy. I think that’s the main thing. If you can stay on the field, you’ll be able to make plays, no matter who you are -- stay on that field and stay out of that training room."

Ultimate Standings: Chargers stadium is the worst in NFL - Eric Williams
The Spanos family should thank their California neighbors for keeping them from being the most-disliked ownership group in the NFL -- only the 49ers and Rams rank worse. Turns out fans still hold a grudge against the family, who attempted to move the team north to hated L.A. Chargers head coach Mike McCoy was also dropped all the way to 106th (down 23 spots), likely due to a somewhat milquetoast approach to managing a game. Meanwhile, the stadium experience in antiquated Qualcomm Stadium, which includes video boards that harken back to the days of Tecmo Bowl, is considered the worst in the NFL.