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Drew Kaser wins AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Drew Kaser had a huge game against the Broncos, and he's been justly rewarded for it.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Following a fantastic performance against the Denver Broncos, San Diego’s much-maligned punter Drew Kaser has been awarded the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week award.

It's an entirely deserved award for Kaser, who rebounded from a nightmare game against the Raiders with his best performance yet as a pro. On four punts, he pinned the Broncos at their own 10, 10, 3 and 16-yard line. Kaser's punt that was downed at the 3 was especially important, as it led to the safety that gave the Chargers a three score lead. Essentially, if you want to blame Kaser for the loss to the Raiders, then you also have to give him at least partial credit for this victory.

I don't think there's anyone happier about this than me, either. After the Raiders game, I did some research and debunked the popular theory that Kaser can't handle the pressure before saying that the Chargers needed to give Kaser time and show faith in him. I like being proven right. I'm going to keep retweeting that article every time Kaser plays well - hopefully, I'll be doing that for the next decade.