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Chargers vs Broncos: Start and Sit

Here’s who to start on your fantasy team from this Thursday night game

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This Thursday night, tune in to see Mike McCoy’s probable last game as head coach of the San Diego Chargers. In what should be a good game, considering he will literally be fighting for his job (a lost cause, I presume), I believe the Chargers will come out ahead in this one. I am one of the few here at BFTB to believe the Chargers will emerge victorious this week.


Denver Broncos DST

Yes, this is one of the best defenses in the league, and the Chargers have been prone to turnovers the last couple games. I expect Von Miller to have at least two sacks, and the Broncos will cause a pick and a pair of fumbles too. The Broncos have allowed the 6th lowest yardage total, ranking 3rd in pass defense, with 3 TDs allowed against 5 INTs. Their run defense is where they have struggled, and have allowed 115 yards a game, which is 22nd “best” in the league. They are also tied for 5th in most rushing TDs allowed, with 6.

Melvin Gordon

Before I looked at the Broncos stats, I had a bad feeling about this game and Melvin Gordon’s TD streak. After looking at the stats, I’ve decided that Melvin Gordon will struggle in yardage, but will once again score a TD on the ground. As always, he will be active in the passing game, as Philip Rivers will need to dump it off due to the Broncos stellar secondary and their lethal pass rush. The Broncos this season have followed up every poor effort defensively against the run, with a relatively good one. (This will be one of the good ones).

Hunter Henry

With Gates still hampered by injury, Hunter Henry will be matched up with linebackers all day. Why, you ask? Because the Chargers have Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams, two receivers who demand double teams and safety help over the top because of their blinding speed. Hunter Henry will be on the receiving end of Philip Rivers’ only TD this week, and will have his first career 100 yard game.

Chargers DST

I don’t care. I don’t care that the Chargers don’t have a good DST in fantasy. They’ll get you through a bye week this week. Neither of the Broncos QBs are that good. I expect 2 INTs to Casey Heyward, 3 sacks (only one by Bosa), and 2 FF (one by Bosa and one by Toomer).

Josh Lambo

Who cares if he was networking after the game? Players do it all the time. He’s still a good kicker, and will get a minimum of 8 points this week, on 2 PATs and 2 field goals.


Whoever the Broncos roll out as QB

The Chargers have a solid secondary, and a really good group of young linebackers. They’ll be in Lynch/Siemian’s face all day, and he won't have a good game.

Broncos HBs

Once again, I don’t care. The Chargers will roll out Joey Bosa more this week, and he’ll have an immediate impact in the running game. Redeeming grace for them this week will be Anderson’s TD run. Denver’s only TD of the game.

Chargers WRs

Do it, don’t do it. Just know that I told you not to.

Yeah, I’m positive this week. Deal with it. It’ll be a fun game to watch, and the Chargers could do some damage. I also didn’t put Rivers in because he’ll have an average day. 1 TD, 1 INT. He had a 145 passer rating last week on 10 blitzes by the Raiders, so pressure doesn’t get to him. The secondary will give him more problems.