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Chargers vs. Raiders: Three Worst Things

Here are 3 losers from the Chargers vs Raiders game.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I am at a loss for words right now, and considering how badly I want to write this article and put Drew Kaser’s name 3 times, I’m pretty fed up with Drew Kaser. The Chargers as a whole did not play incredibly well (outside Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams), but there were some positives. It’s hard to blame a whole loss on one person, considering Philip Rivers threw 2 interceptions, Melvin Gordon fumbled, Gates fumbled, etc. But what I saw, was with the game on the line, Drew Kaser once again choked. This leads into #1.

#1: Drew Kaser, the punter

Before this year, I had never seen a punt go for less than 30 yards. At least not one that I remember. Keep in mind, I’ve only really been a fan of football since 2006, so I don’t have the wealth of knowledge most Charger fans do. Either way, I have seen two punts go for less than 20 yards this season... from the same guy. Considering how big his leg seemed to be in the preseason, what happened? The only thing that prevented that punt from being a zero yarder (because of how it bounced back) was that it was out of bounds at the 32 yard line. It’s alright, Drew. You can still redeem yourself on a hold for Josh Lambo.

#2 Drew Kaser, the holder

I kid you not, I looked over at my roommate after BS’ing about how the Chargers were settling for a field goal, and said “Oh crap, Kaser is holding.” I haven't thought about it at all this season, but since he’s had a stretch of terrible games, he was on my mind. When you have holding experience for the kicker in college, who you currently hold for in the NFL, there should be no excuses for holding it any other way than how he wants it. He got the hard part. He caught the ball, but as he slammed it down on the ground, you could practically hear him thinking “I’m going to jam this so hard into the ground, it won't move until Josh kicks it.” Maybe the ground was wet in that area. I don’t know. What I do know is that lost the Chargers the game.

#3 Mike McCoy

Yo, Mike. How does it feel to be a lame duck? You know you’re gone. The only reason the Chargers will not fire him this week is because there are 4 days until the next game. There would be no time for an interim to even come close to establishing himself as the new top guy. So, Mike... How does it feel to know that no matter how well you coach at Mile High, you will be without a job come next Friday? The Chargers sit at 1-4 on the year, and even if the Chargers are able to eek out a victory against one of the better defensive minded teams in the league, they will still be 2-4, and Mike McCoy will no longer be Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers.

Chargers fans, rejoice. Mike McCoy’s days are numbered as Head Coach of our beloved team.