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One Last Chance For Mr. Spanos

As the clock continues to tick down to the final seconds of the Chargers relocation bid to Los Angeles, one of our writers may have one last solution to save San Diego.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Mr. Dean Spanos,

We have come to the end of this madness that is a possible relocation of the San Diego Chargers. Next week the NFL will take a vote to determine if one, two or zero teams will call Los Angeles home. The NFL will either accept your bid to relocate the Chargers to L.A or not.

I am this close to giving up hope. But since there isn't anything official yet, I'm still holding on to what little there seems to be.

And I just may have found it.

A few months ago I wrote about another way to keep the Chargers in San Diego and I guess that planned failed too. You probably were not too happy with me with that article, but I was just trying to save the Chargers in San Diego, so don't take it too personal.

But recently another wild and crazy thought jumped to mind and I think this one has a chance. Albeit 1 in 292.2 million chance in happening. But if it happens, this quite literally could be the last chance to keep the Chargers in San Diego. Mr. Spanos, I hope you are hearing me out, because I may have the final solution to help bail you out of this mess.

On Saturday, when I win the Powerball $900+ winning jackpot, I am going to help you save the Chargers and keep them in San Diego. Against the wishes of those close to me (my significant other does not know about this plan. I will deal with the consequences later. Ugh.) I am going to faithfully donate 90% of my winnings to you in an 11th hour effort to save the Chargers in San Diego. This money can only be used for the construction of a new stadium.

Ask yourself, what could you do with a fresh $400 million Mr. Spanos? There will be no excuse for you to move them.

I know I could use that money on quite a few things. When the reporter interviews me and asks me what am I going to do with all this money, I will tell them: "I'm going to give my future wife the most amazing wedding ever. I'm gonna buy a new house for my mother and father. My triplets need some new car seats. My son deserves a car for his good grades. I'm gonna pay off my college loans. And the rest I'm gonna save the San Diego Chargers with."

Of course keeping $10 million and giving you the rest of my Powerball winnings will require some benefits. , I would expect a small percentage of ownership. Let's say, 3%. Not much, just enough to improve my lifestyle and just enough to keep a steady stream of profits trickling in. And just enough that I could put OWNER on my new business cards.

But this is not about me; it's about keeping the Chargers in San Diego.

So, as you come to the end of this letter, have your assistant give NFL Commissioner Roger Godell a call and let him know about this possible 11th hour injunction. Let him know that you are waiting on a new partner who is going to invest a substantial amount of money that will keep the Chargers where they belong.

You see, when I win the Powerball this Saturday, I won't be the only one who wins. Mr. Spanos, you will get your new stadium in San Diego. And Chargers fans will still be able to call San Diego home.


Ruben J. Gonzalez

P.S. Mr. Spanos, I am dead serious about this!