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REPORT: NFL sets $550 million relocation fee for Chargers, Rams, and Raiders

According to one report, the NFL has set the ground rules for relocation to Los Angeles and has asked the Chargers, Rams, and Raiders to agree to their terms before next week's vote.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Things are starting to get pretty serious with the NFL and the possible relocation to Los Angeles by the San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams, and the Oakland Raiders.

The cities have sent their proposals to the league, attempting to keep their NFL franchises. In turn, the teams have submitted to the league their reasoning for wanting to leave and why they would be the best fit for Los Angeles.

Today, after another meeting of the NFL Owners in New York City, the league announced that the ground rules have been set for whomever ends up being allowed to relocate to Los Angeles.

The Chargers, Raiders and Rams all must agree to a series of requirements set by three NFL committees on Wednesday in order to be eligible for relocation to Los Angeles, the Register has learned.

The three franchises must submit documents verifying the teams' commitments to those requirements by the end of the week.

The NFL's Los Angeles, finance and stadium committees will then determine if the teams are eligibile for a relocation vote next week in Houston.

The NFL also set a relocation fee of $550 million per team, based on present-day dollars.


Among the requirements the teams must agree to are the relocation fee, moving procedures and guaranteeing an opening date for the new stadiums.


None of this is really unexpected, although there were some who scoffed at earlier reports that the relocation fee would be $500m or more.

While Stan Kroenke can easily write a check for that amount, I believe Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay the relocation fee for the Raiders and Chargers in addition to funding construction of a potential Carson stadium.